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Title: Primo Levi Survival in Auschwitz

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Essay Instructions: Book:Primo Levi, Survival in Auschwitz

your opinion about the piece, but all opinions must be backed up with a reasonable argument justifying your view. Another approach might be to pose questions that the work has provoked for you, explaining why these questions seem important to your understanding of the work. Late assignments will be penalized.

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Title: Auschwitz concentration camp

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Essay Instructions: Article must be from a Journal published 1 january 1970 or after that date. Select an article from a scholarly journal.
Any topic regarding auschwitz concentration camp.
Begin with an APA style heading on page 1
Copy of an article must be attached
Part one: Identify the thesis of the article and the points the author make to support the thesis
Part Two: Identify the evidence=primary and secondary sources the author uses to write the article. This information is in end/footnotes of the article. Give examples of each. Do not provide a list. You must write in narrative form. Make sure the article you select has sufficient end/footnotes - a bibliographical list is not acceptable.
The review must be in your own words, but you must make it clear that the information is coming from the article/author, as you would reported speech. no quotations.
Again make sure you attach copy of the article

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Title: Analyzing Survival in Auschwi

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Essay Instructions: This paper will be on the book SURVIVAL IN AUSCHWITZ by Primo Levi. The paper should focus upon the following situation:
You are a journalist who was a part of the liberation of Auschwitz. After interviewing several survivors, you have been asked by your editor to write a front page story describing your findings. Include in your story:

1) What were the daily activities performed in this concentration camp?

2) What physical and psychological problems did prisoners encounter in Auschwitz?

3) How did the people behave in these camps (think of the actions taken by both the Germans and the prisoners)

4)What are your own personal reflections on the situation, based upon the evidence you encountered and what do you think is the most important thing your readers can learn by reading the story? (personal opinions)

This is not a book report, so do not simply summarize the story. Rather, analyzing the experience of a concentration camp based upon the book.
(1 or 2 quotes can be used from the book only)

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Title: Survival in Auschwitz

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