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Title: Humanities

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Essay Instructions: Augustine''s Confessions is a narrative of individual pilgrimage. The protagonist undergo physical, emotional, and spiritual trials that transform them. Agustine frames his personal autobiography within the text of sacred history.

Write you own personal narrative of pilgrimage by imitating the style of "Augustine''s Confessions". you need not address your autobiography to God as he does, but you should select a figure of authority whose influence has been essential to your development. This is the person you shold address in the same way in which Augustine speaks to God. just as Augustine intercepts his life in light of scripture, you should include two or three textual citations in your autobiography. These nned not be scriptual-they can be from any work of literature. obviously, you will not be able to cover you entire life. you should select a key moment, a moment of trasnformation"

Well, god could be that figure of authority. a moment of transformation was my entrance to high school. Back in junior high, i was in a bilingual class, having arrived to the States not long ago, i have a lot of friends helping me out, my professors too. i did not bother learning english too well since they were so many people at my aid. however when i arrived to high school, i was on my own, no longer in bilingual class, i was struggling in my classes but later on i decided to work extra hard to make up my lost time. you can email me if u have any question

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Title: Augustine of Hippo

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Essay Instructions: I need a book report on "Augustine of Hippo: a Biography" by Peter Brown, the new addition. Five pages is my requirement and I have no minimum number of quotes or citations to impose.

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Title: Augustine's view of the body from The Confessions

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Essay Instructions: Given Augustine's view of the body and therefore information derived through the senses, what is the relationship between this type of information and higher intellectual knowledge? Can science, as we understand it, exist in the psychology of Augustine?

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Essay Instructions: Readings
Augustine, The City of God

Please answer the following ??.Give a detailed explanation for your answers,quote your source and give the page number for which the quote comesfrom. your answers should only come from The City of God.
1. Name and describe the two cities Augustine refers to. Which one do you think that he is living in?
2. According to Augustine, what is the source of human suffering?
3.if God knows everything that will happen in the future, are humans still responsible for their actions
4.What is Augustine's concept of human nature? How did it come to be that way? HOW might it change

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