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Essay Instructions: Description: Each student must write an 1500 word essay on the contributions that an audio engineer makes to the outcome of a recording project. The essay should give an overview of
the range of responsibilities the engineer has and the balance between technical, creative and interpersonal skills. Research articles and interviews with engineers to support your arguments.

The referencing style to be used and access to guidance on how to use it is available from the library. JMC Academy uses the Harvard (author-date) system for referencing. For example:
Davie, M. 2008, ?Sneaky Sound System? Audio Technology. Iss. 60, p. 39
Web References:
Audio Engineering Society
Australian Screen Guild
Journal of the Art of Record Production
Mix Online
NAB-National Association of Broadcasters
Society of Motion Pictures and TV Engineers
Film Sound Design-Film Sound Theory
Record Production .com

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Audio Track to yourself

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1964 References: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Design a
psychological experiment to investigate the following claim. Be sure to designate your independent and dependent variable(s), as well as variables to be ‘controlled’ you are simply proposing how you would go about testing this
statement NOT the collection of data so there is no need to speak of actual findings.

CLAIM: 'If you want to learn something really well, in addition to studying or even instead of studying, just play the audio-track to yourself while you sleep – you will wake up with the knowledge inside you.'

The essay's structure should be like this:

- Title Page
- Abstract( brief state research questions sample, results, no more than 200 words.)
- Introduction
- Method (clearly identify your independent and dependent variables. Desribe sample (how many gender, age, ethicity, etc) and why you choose that sample. Identify control verses experimental group. Describe process you will put participants through and how you will measure results.
- Results ( make up basic results no more than 1 paragraph)
- Discussion ( talk about what you found why you found, wheather your hypothesis was correct, limitations of your study, future directions for continued research on this topic.)
- Work cited page

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Proposal must include all parts of the parts of proposal attached with each heading labeled. proposal should be typed in a word document and double-spaced with 12-point font. paper should be 7-12 pages long not including the title page and reference. APA format, using paraphrasing and citatitions appropriately.
Topic for proposal: The purpose of the action research study will be to determine how, if at all, the use of Audio/Visual technology in an educational setting impacts student achievement. Today's students have grown up in an ever changing visual world. With the evolution of television, video cameras, cell phones, GPS navigational systems, and gaming systems there is video everywhere you look. Our students in the twenty-first century have been exposed to some form of video technology in almost every aspect of their lives . So why would it not follow that the use of Audio/Visual technology in the classroom would help improve student achievement?
Questions for study: 1. Does integrating technology into the classroom, especially video, have a positive impact on students' achievement?
2. Does the use of audio/visual technology in classroom lessons have an impact on achievement along gender lines?
Do the students perceive that the use of video technology as a positive impact on their academic achievement?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Why People Don t Heal

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1590 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Turn in a 5 page, typed and double-spaced, essay on the audio book WHY PEOPLE DON'T HEAL, by Caroline Myss. Within the body of the essay, address the following:

-Discuss how your biography becomes you biology.
-Explain what Myss means when she states that "healing is unattractive."
-Define the term "woundology" and give an example of how someone you know finances particular behaviors because of it.
-Give a brief summary of your own thoughts as to why some people don't heal.

Use APA style.

Excerpt From Essay:

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