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Essay Instructions: Writing Assignment #3 will be a research-supported essay.
( A Research-supported essay will analyze the impact of a technological development on a particular aspect of society.)

Topic: Analyze or assess the impact of a television and/or video technology on children?s attention spans.

Outline for the essay:

The essay should have the following elements:

? an engaging introductory paragraph. You might even want to cite sources in the opening paragraph to make your opening engaging to the reader.
? an effective and clear thesis statement
? a statement of definitions and background on the topic on which you are writing.
o You will want to define any terms necessary for the reader.
o You may want to provide a historical background on your topic, perhaps using references from Postman to help the reader understand the impact of technology on the area on which you are writing.
? unified, supported, and coherent body paragraphs that defend the thesis
? sources cited throughout the body paragraphs that support the arguments in the paper
? an effective conclusion
? a ?references? page that lists the sources cited. The references should be listed in APA format.

The sources and citation format for this essay
You are required to use at least six sources for this essay. One of the sources may be one of the essays in your textbook, The Bedford Guide for College Writers.

At least four sources must be acquired through the databases subscribed to by UMUC?s Information and Library Services. In addition, at least three sources are to come from scholarly journals.

Keep in mind that if the sources are scholarly, the argument you make in the paper will be more persuasive. For this reason, feel free to use all scholarly sources if you can.

In addition, please feel free to cite more than six sources. You may find that seven or eight sources (or more) are necessary to establish your argument and defend your thesis. Please do not feel limited to using only six sources. Use more if you would like to or need to.

Please cite your sources and list them at the end of your paper using APA format.

Length: 1300-1500 words

The strategy for this essay:

This essay can be a persuasive essay, in which you try to persuade the reader of a particular position. Or it can be an expository essay that synthesizes material, an essay in which you give information to the reader and synthesize the different viewpoints on an issue. The following examples help illustrate these two approaches.

For a persuasive essay, you could take the position that video games should be integrated into school science curricula to teach middle school students. You would cite articles that demonstrate research studies and other pieces of evidence to support the claim that video games can enhance instruction in science classes and will help middle school students learn science more effectively.

If you write a persuasive essay, please follow one of the following three options for organization:

? Classical (deductive) approach
? Inductive approach
? Refutation approach

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Program Plan Adult Literacy Workshop

Total Pages: 3 Words: 862 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: You are to write a 3-page paper. For Outside Sources, Use Internet Articles and Journal Articles. Do Not Use Book(s). Be succinct when writing the program plan!

An Actual Program Plan: Adult Literacy Workshop

Use the following elements to write the Program Plan…below

1.Background of the program problem/idea (the context of the problem or idea).

2.Description of the source of the problem (people, responsibilities and tasks, organization, community).

3.Description of the nature and extent of the problem (any documentation, literature, etc.).

4.Defined institutional and personal context for the program.

5.Describe the target population: age, grade, reading level, attention span, occupation, previous work experience, motivation level, health, interests, socio-economic status, attitudes toward school or work, previous performance levels, language, ethnic/cultural background, gender.

6.Identify learning-site constraints that could affect design and delivery.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Dear Writer,

Observe a music class period, about 20 minutes. The report should include:

A: A description of the setting, including number, ages, sex, ethnicity of the class, number of adults, general room size, available music equipment, arrangement of furniture, lighting, etc.

B: A RUNNING RECORD of what you observed in the classroom- be very DETAILED- how long the activity period lasted.

C: An evaluation of what you observed. This is the most important part!!!!!!! It should constitute at least one third of the report. Critique what you saw and heard as compared to what has been discussed in class about how to lead young children in music activities. What did you think about how the session was designed? What sort of goals and objectives did the teacher have? How long was it compared to the children's attention spans? How did the children respond to the activity. What classroom management techniques did the teacher use? Did the teacher have any props? If you were the teacher, what would you do differently?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: child study

Total Pages: 3 Words: 866 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: General instructions: The subject should be a made up child or adolescent (12 or younger). It can be in narrative form or a listing of information by category. The general assessment must be in narrative form.

Please use bold subheadings for each section/category of your paper (the eight sections/categories a-h are listed below and are equally weighted).

Objective: The student will observe and interview and write a paper on the experience covering at least the following topics:

a. Identifying information: age, sex, birth order, height weight, age, occupation, and educational background of parents, nature of the community with population and rural, urban, industrial, and agricultural features. Does this child have any known or observed exceptionalities or exceptional abilities?
b. Physical development: appearance, motor coordination, muscular strength, growth pattern, degree of activity, comparison with peers.
c. Emotional development: expressions of aggression, incidences of temper tantrums, extent of self control, general disposition, emotional problems, self concept, self esteem, egocentric behavior.
d. Social development: expressions of basic courtesies, peer relations, sibling relationships, relationships with adults.
e. Cognitive development: Intelligence, academic success/failure, thought processes, interest in school, attention span, memory, ability to reason
f. Language development: vocabulary, grammar, intelligibility.
g. Moral development: his or her view of right and wrong (Piaget, Kohlberg)
h. General Assessment: Write in this section your interpretation of the above information in view of your knowledge of human growth and development. How does the child compare with the average child of his or her age? What are the outstanding characteristics of this child? What kind of additional information do you need to understand this child better? Put this child in the developmental stages of as many theorists as possible (Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Kohlberg) and explain why. What services could a person in the field of school counseling provide to this specific child? If any exceptionalities or exceptional abilities exist with this child, discuss strategies for differentiated interventions for this child.

Excerpt From Essay:

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