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Title: atomic bombs

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Essay Instructions: President Truman ordered the dropping on two atomic bombs on Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki on August 9. The reason for dropping the bomb was allied commanders believed the invasion of Japan would result in millions of casualties on both sides. Was President Truman correct in ordering the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan to end the war? Could there have been another way to end the war without the use of atomic weapons, why or why not?

The dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan is still a debated issue to this day. You may want to think about the following as you think about the paper. Did the allied commander have any moral responsibility to civilian deaths or is their main responsibility to the lives of their soldiers? Since it’s the object of one side to win the war does it really matter how victory is secured? Since relations between the USSR and the US were falling apart at the close of the war, did the president ordered the bombing to show the power of the US to the USSR?

As the allies got closer to the Japanese home islands allied commanders were aware of the sharp increase of the casualties on both sides. At the battle of Iwo Jima, the U.S. casualties were around 20,000 and Japanese were around 20,000 dead and about 200 POWs. At the Battle of Okinawa, the U.S. casualties were around 40,000 and the Japanese were over 100,000. The fear that allied planners had been the casualties would be even higher. In March of 1945 the U.S. sent close to 300 B-29s on one bombing mission to firebomb the city of Tokyo, which caused about 100,000 deaths. In March of 1945 British and American bombers firebombed the city of Dresden and caused about 50,000 deaths. These are just two examples of allied strategic bombing in the war. Did it matter that the allies use non-atomic bombs to conduct bombing raids or does it matter that the bomb was an atomic bomb? The atomic bomb was one bomb that was dropped on each city and caused massive damage and loss of life but the allies dropped thousands of bombs on Germany and Japan that did the same. In war are civilians considered fair targets if it means ending the war or if they are connected to war production? Would it have been better to have continued bombing without the use of the atomic bombs in the hope that would end or would the land attack been a better choice. Would showing the Japanese an example of the power of the atomic bomb been a better choice to get the Japanese to end the war?

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Title: Atomic Bomb

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Essay Instructions: These are all possible thesis statements that can be used and altered to work best. 1)This writer contends that Universites were indispensable sources of time, experise, and money used to construct nuclear weapons. 2)This writer contends that Vannevar Bush and James B. Conant are "unsung heroes" of the Mahattan Project. Without their consistent and vigorous advocacy it is most unlikely that the United States would have developed atomic weapons in time to make them an important coponent in ending the war in the Pacific.
3)This writer contends that Pearl Harbor was the deciding event in persuading the United States to develop nuclear weapons.4.)This writer contends that the Manhattan Project itself was a greater success than the atomic bombs in subsequently produced. 5.)This writer contends that the unrelenting nature of the Japanese through their policy of Katsugo, coupled with the United States's commitment to unconditional surrender, led to the decision to use the atomic bombs.6.)This writer contends that the brutality of the war in the Pacific led to the decision to drop the atomic bombs.7)This writer contends that taking into context the nature of the War in the Pacific, espeically the tenacious and brutal resistance of the Japanese, the decision to employ nuclear weapons against Japan was entirely understandable and justified.

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Title: Postwar America 1945 to 1968 How did the explosion of the first atomic bomb in Hisroshima impact on American politics and culture

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Essay Instructions: After you have analyzed the document and assigned readings, consider the following question: The atomic bomb drastically altered events not only on the battlefield and in the arena of international relations, but also in the everyday lives of ordinary Americans. In a coherent, intelligent essay, analyze the impact of the Atomic bomb on American politics and culture in the decade-and-a-half after the explosion of the first Atomic weapon over Hiroshima. Make sure to advance a historical argument about the ways the bomb?and the threat of its further use?shaped important aspects of American public life. In the course of your essay, you should cite at least FOUR of the items (photos/pictures/mp3files) and at least THREE of your assigned readings.

***You have to use at least FOUR of these items(choose any):
-Photograph of Miss Atomic Bomb 1957 at the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas
-Bert the Turtle Public Service Announcement, Civil Defense Administration (1950)
-Boston Herald photo of design for ?Poor Man?s Bomb Shelter 1959
-Boston Herald photo of Mass. Gov. John Volpe constructing brick bomb shelter (1961)
-U.S. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, Ad for Fallout Shelter (1956)
-Jacket Photo of 1945 book by Rev. Wilbur Smith, Atomic Bomb and the Word of God
(I will send you the pictures via e-mail)
you may also use:
--mp3 of song ?Duck and Cover? (1950)
--mp3 of Lowell Blanchard and Valley Trio, ?Jesus Hits like an Atom Bomb? (1949)
(but I will NOT send you these mp 3files)

***You have to cite at least THREE of these documents (choose any):

1.Graphic Illustrations of How to Respond to a Nuclear Attack
2.Joseph McCarthy, Speech at Wheeling, West Virginia. (Feb 09, 1950).
3.A Political Test for Employment: The Loyalty-Security Program in Operation, 1955
4.Red Channels, 1950
5.U.S. News and World Report Assesses the Perils of Mass Culture and the Evils of Television, 1955
(I will send all of these document in acrobat form via e-mail)

**Please use footnotes or endnotes as citations.**

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Title: atomic bomb how it was made why it was dropped negative effects on Japanese people

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Essay Instructions: plse include five quotations,three resources ,Two books (1)Barton J Bernstein,The Atomic Bomb:The Critical Issues.Boston:Little Brown,1976 (2)Len Giovannitti,The Decision to drop the Bomb.New York:Coward-McCann,1965. One internet site url:

Excerpt From Essay:

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