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Essay Instructions: Athletes in Scandal and their Endorsement Deals
In 2009, Michael Phelps, Olympic Champion Swimmer, expressed regret after being photographed allegedly partaking in an illegal substance. A year later, Tiger Woods apologized publicly for his infidelity. There are many other examples in the news, and each season seems to bring new controversy.

Each of these athletes lost some of his lucrative endorsements, but each was able to hold onto others.

Should companies that had endorsement deals with Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods have dropped them from their advertising? There must be two sides to that issue.

Remember Michael Phelps publically expressed his regret at his behavior, and Tiger Woods went on TV and apologized for his conduct. So my question is:

Should companies that use professional athletes to endorse their products drop athletes who become involved in personal scandals?

This is an odd issue as neither Michael Phelps, nor Tiger Woods was or is a government official who has pledged to uphold the public trust. And yet, from a business perspective, these athletes did have all sorts of obligations to the companies and to the public that they clearly did not consider. What do YOU think??


There are no assigned readings for this assignment. The issues and the athletes involved are all over the internet. Google away, find what you like. This case is a warm up case for the term and I do not expect a lot of citations. Find what you need and have fun with it!

Please answer this question in 3-5 pages and upload it to coursenet by the end of this module.

Be sure to make your argument out in terms of normative ethics.

The point of this module is to learn the basic system of arguing for why YOUR answer is for the greatest good and respects basic rights.

Make your answer out in terms of normative ethics.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The purpose of the paper is to research information about contemporary or historical issues in sports. I have chosen athletes and steroid use.
* The paper needs to be at least 4 typed pages (1 inch margin, times new roman, 12 font)
* Must use 6 sources of information (books, articles, internet). No more than 2 sources can be from the internet- Wikipedia is NOT a source.
* Outline (attached) must be with paper.
* This is an outline I came up with, but you can add/delete some if needed. I just need for you to submit outline.

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Title: An athletes review ankle tape or ankle brace

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2419 Bibliography: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper need to be an indepth analysis on the differences between ankle tape and ankle braces and player satisfaction between the two.. It should be the Introduction and LIt review. It needs to have information about the different types of tape and braces. The tape should include white/cotton tape, powertape, elastikon and braces should include lace up ankle braces and more rigid ankle braces such as the donjoy velocity braces. The research study is on what athletes prefer bracing or taping, and what type of brace or tape. It needs to be 8 pages and at least 8 sources. The sources need to be from peer review journals, such as the journal of athletic training or american college of sports medicine. They also need to be within the last 5 years if all possible. I will also need a reference page.

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Essay Instructions: Select one of the following contemporary issues in sports and obtain faculty approval for your choice:

? Athletes as role models

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you research the proposed topic and provide a summary of your findings.

? Provide a brief history of the topic and its current state in popular sports.
? Construct your own argument about the influence the issue has on sports, its fans, athletes and imagined communities.
? Make recommendations about how to consume and participate in sports responsibly, whether watching or playing.

Format your paper consistent with APA (6th Ed.)guidelines.

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