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Title: Athletes in Scandal and their Endorsement Deals

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Essay Instructions: Athletes in Scandal and their Endorsement Deals
In 2009, Michael Phelps, Olympic Champion Swimmer, expressed regret after being photographed allegedly partaking in an illegal substance. A year later, Tiger Woods apologized publicly for his infidelity. There are many other examples in the news, and each season seems to bring new controversy.

Each of these athletes lost some of his lucrative endorsements, but each was able to hold onto others.

Should companies that had endorsement deals with Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods have dropped them from their advertising? There must be two sides to that issue.

Remember Michael Phelps publically expressed his regret at his behavior, and Tiger Woods went on TV and apologized for his conduct. So my question is:

Should companies that use professional athletes to endorse their products drop athletes who become involved in personal scandals?

This is an odd issue as neither Michael Phelps, nor Tiger Woods was or is a government official who has pledged to uphold the public trust. And yet, from a business perspective, these athletes did have all sorts of obligations to the companies and to the public that they clearly did not consider. What do YOU think??


There are no assigned readings for this assignment. The issues and the athletes involved are all over the internet. Google away, find what you like. This case is a warm up case for the term and I do not expect a lot of citations. Find what you need and have fun with it!

Please answer this question in 3-5 pages and upload it to coursenet by the end of this module.

Be sure to make your argument out in terms of normative ethics.

The point of this module is to learn the basic system of arguing for why YOUR answer is for the greatest good and respects basic rights.

Make your answer out in terms of normative ethics.
Excerpt From Essay:

Connor, T. (2009, February 05). Kellogg's to drop michael phelps from endorsements over bong photo. New York Daily News. Retrieved from 05/news/17916861_1_phelps-agent-puresport-michael-phelps

Albergotti, R., O'Connell, V., & Vrancia, S. (2012, October 18). Armstrong gets dumped: Nike, radioshack, others distance themselves from cyclist amid drug scandal. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from

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Title: Athletes and Steroid Use

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: The purpose of the paper is to research information about contemporary or historical issues in sports. I have chosen athletes and steroid use.
* The paper needs to be at least 4 typed pages (1 inch margin, times new roman, 12 font)
* Must use 6 sources of information (books, articles, internet). No more than 2 sources can be from the internet- Wikipedia is NOT a source.
Excerpt From Essay:

Schunk, DH (2008). Learning Theories. An Educational Perspective, Pearson Education

Donna F.G. (2009). Admistering Medications, Pharmacology for Health Careers McGraw-Hill Company.

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Title: Should College Athletes be Paid

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Essay Instructions: This research paper is to present empirical evidence for both sides of the argument of whether or not it is a good idea to pay college athletes. The angle for this subject is to focus on empirical evidence; any provable or tried experiences that this is a good or bad idea. The paper must discuss the evidence of why it is a good idea to pay college athletes, as well as evidence of why it is not a good idea to pay college athletes. Discuss any historical evidence, practices, or experiments in the US of when college athletes were allowed to receive some type of compensation (other than regular scholarship) to compete in college athletics.
Excerpt From Essay:

Eassom, Simon (1994). Critical Reflections on Olympic Ideology. Ontario: The Centre for Olympic Studies. pp. 120 -- 123.

Hill, Michael (20 July 2007). In Pursuit of Excellence: A Student Guide to Elite Sports Development. New York: Taylor & Francis.

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