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Title: Asian philosophy

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Essay Instructions: Answer each question as a mini-essay. Be clear, organize your ideas, write complete thoughts, but use your own ideas as your primary resource. No additional reading or research is expected.
In question 1 clearly name the two principles you are discussing.
You may use wording from the question to help phrase your answer.

1- The approach of Asian philosophy is for the most part very different from the approaches of the other philosophers we studied. Since it is so different from the perspective and approach that characterizes much of western culture, it can on the one hand, be difficult to see things through this perspective. On the other hand, it can be a new view which reveals or makes sense of things for usus in a way that our usual approach would not be able to do.
Think about your own experiences in life and your own wonder, questioning and reflection on human existence and the world(universe) we inhabit. Think of two examples from your own experiences that might be explained by or can illustrate two of the concepts from Asian philisophy.

Possibilities include:
a) beginner's mind
b) a physical posture that is an embodiment of a state of mind/ or using a phsical practice practice to cultivate a certain state of mind
c) dualism that can be overcome or perceived as oneness (such as mind/body, myself/the outside world...)
d) reversion
e) wu wei
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Title: Socrates

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Essay Instructions: Answer these questions: (1) Why did Socrates go around Athens questioning people? Why did he say that "the unexamined life is not worth living"? Describe his behavior in Apology- was it heroic, stupid or Naive? Why? (2) Are Socrates' claims about his own knowledge/wisdom in any way Asian? What do they remind you of in Asian philosophy (refer to quotes from the texts) (3) In Plato's Allgory of the Cave, what is the relationship between the shadows on the cave wall,the puppets in the cave, & the things outside the cave in sunlight? These should be typed single spaced 12 pt font & times new roman
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Title: view point

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Essay Instructions: The Viewpoint assignment for this week is to write a 3-4 paragraph essay describing and analyzing the historical significance of ONE East Asian religion or philosophy on the culture of China, Korea, OR Japan (i.e. do not attempt to write a comparative essay). You may select from among the thought systems that we have already studied -- Confucianism (in China, Korea, and Japan), Daoism, Legalism, Buddhism (in China, Korea, and Japan), or Shinto -- OR you may write about another East Asian philosophy of your choice.
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The Cosmopolitan Empires of Sui and Tang China: The Rise of the Sui Dynasty / The Tang Builds an Empire / The Growth of Chinese Culture / The Tang Dynasty Declines.

Yao, Ping. "Good Karmic Connections: Buddhist Mothers in Tang China." Nan Nu. Vol. 10. (2008): 57-85.

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