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Title: As You like It - Shakespeare

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Essay Instructions: So in this paper will be about one of the shakespeare's plays but we need to do analysis to any one of As You Like it films.

please include the followings:
1)What specific version are you watching?
2)What questions do you have? its okay to list them.
3)Favorite character or costume?
4) Why a film version is better than the text version?. ( in details)
5) what did you like in this film and what you didn't like in this film.

-please use specific moments in the film in order to write this paper.
quotes from a movie will be helpful.
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Title: Statistical Project

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Essay Instructions: The nature of the paper is statistical and analysis and the focus of the paper should revolve around this theme. The paper should be prepared using APA 6th Edition standards. Writing should show college level work. Don't forget the basics; spelling, grammar, and format. The topic is as you like it. Do not choose a topic difficult to understand... More importantly, should you have any questions, you can always contact me.

Note: I attached a statistical project (example) to be used as a guide to completing this statistical project.

Excerpt From Essay:

Significant Ozone Hole Remains Over Antarctica. (2011, Oct 21). Retrieved from Science Daily:

Kang, S. & . (2011, Apr 22). Study Links Ozone Hole to Weather Shifts. Retrieved from The Earth Institute Columbia University:

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Title: Shakespeare

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Essay Instructions: Our class is (Shakespeare) in general and in:
As You Like It, Hamlet, Antonio and Clepatra in particular.

It is a master preleminary class. the term paper should be about Shakespeare work, with reference to these major works:

Shakspeare Tragedy, Bradley, A. C., Macmillan -

Shakespear's Tragic Heroes, Campell, Lily, Methuen, Lodon, 1978 -

The Dark Comedy, Styan, J. L., Cambridge niv. press, London 1979,

Comedy, Sypher, Wylie (ed.), the John Hopkins Univ. Press, 1980.
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