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Title: Interview with two famous artist

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Essay Instructions: NOTE; YOU WILL NEED TO SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR FOR APPROVAL BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR PAPER. title at the top of 1st page name and date in upper left hand corner.
Using information from books or the internet, "interview" two famous artists (painters, sculptors, musicians,architects) from the same historical period who use the same style. 750-900 words.

For example, you could interview painteRs Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo form the Renaissance period; or jackson Polloakc and willem de kooning from the new abstract expressionist period; or andy warhol and roy lichtenstein form the pop art peroid;or frank lloyd wright and le corbusier from the modern period of architecture;or degussy and stravinsky from early twentieth century music.

Using your imagination, make a list of four or five questions to ask you artists. for example, you could ask leonardo and michelangelo who were contemporaries what they though of each others work(you will find out they were very competitive with each other), or you could tell leonardo that someone once stole the mona lisa and took it back to italy and ask him what he things of that, or ask andy warhol what made him start painting picutures of campbells soup cans and roy lichtenstein why he painted comic bok art.
Do not turn your paper into telling your artists life story , this is an inquiry into their methods and opinions use the biographies as background for questions to ask the artist for example, you could ask leonardo why his mona lisa is smiling(no one really knows the answer, but you can research what some critics think and speculate). Use at least three or more sources, using MLA style to credit your sources and listing them at the end of your paper under the title, works cited

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Title: artist interview

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Essay Instructions: *This is about the case Study Interview: Identify artists/craftspeople who do the kind of work that inspire me-some that I'd like to emulate and how they make a lving..
so, please make two pages for this information.
My intervies artist is Myung Urso
1.Basic start
Her business stated at 2007-2008 at her house.
2.Her process style
She always uses a mixed media such as silk, cotton, paper, thread, raquer, stone, bead and glass. Her pieces are very variety different shape and forms in her concept.
3.Price of her pieces
Low prices pieces for the people who are looking for the souvenir.
Signature piece for ---over $1000.00
Earring ------------------- $50~80
Broach-------------------- $350~500
Necklace------------------ $350~1000
Artist price / Gallery price
50 : 50
4.Her craft show
She is usually participated at Spring, Summer and Fall (October and November).
She is happy to meet the people in her show because there are lots of chance to get the information, new ideas and commencement. Sometimes, she can get a connection by meeting with the Gallery owner and stone owner.
She usually uses a “Window show”, sometimes “Outdoor show”
5.Her booth in the Craft show
10’ X 10’, 10’ X 10’(corner)and 10’ X 12’(up $1000.00)
In Rochester Memorial Art Gallery booth(up $300.00)
how to Display---pedestal, wall, fabrication, lights, steel pipes(up $2000) insurance
just fire
7. delivery
her pieces are small, she doesnt need to big truck
8. employees
by herself

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Essay Instructions: Hi, Helper! :) This is my seventh order.
Here's my essay guide and i also attached guide file as JPG. Please check it.
It's just about comparing and contrasting two artist.
You just choose two of the following artists that you want.

Charles Dana Gibson
Charles R. Knight
Charles Livingston Bull
Edward Penfield
Will H. Bradley
T.S. Sullivant
Winsor McCay

Analyze and describe their aesthetic priorities and stylistic solutions, their impact in their own time, and their influence on subsequent generations of illustrators. Conclude with what you can learn from them to apply to your own work.

To demonstrate critical thinking and writing ability.
To demonstrate your understanding of how these illustrators influenced others.
To apply the lessons of the masters to your own work and career.

Thank you so much!!!

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Title: Artist since 1945

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Essay Instructions: Each subject must be address adequately
1. What are the influences and events that caused Abstract Expressionism to develop? What are the two modes of Abstract Expressionism? Compare and contrast these two modes and specially discuss the work of two artists from each mode. Share why you chose these four artist.

2. What are the key points Clement Greenberg made in his essay, "Modernist Painting"? How did he arrive at his conclusions regarding art painting? Which philosopher was an influence on his thinking and why? Do you feel he is correct in his views? Please explain your point of view...

3. What is Existentialism and why is it a dominant theme among Post-War European artists? Choose four different movements/types of Post-War Art and describe each. Mention how Existentialism may relate to each of these groups. Give an example of one artist from each group and briefly characterize their work. Lastly, compare and contrast Abstract Expressionism with Post-War European Art. Overall, do you prefer the American Art of European Art? Why?

4. Compare and contrast Neo-Dada, Nouveau Realisme and Pop Art. Eplain the origins of each. Mention two artists from each group and briefly describe their work. Choose a favorite work of art from one artist and explain what is appealing about it to you..

5. Discuss art being made in California in the 1950s and 1960s...Choose two artists to compare and contrast with two New York artists or European artists of the same time period. If you were alive then and working as an artist, where would you choose to work: California, New York or Europe. Please explain your reasoning.

6. Compare and contrast Post Painterly Abstraction of the 1960s with Abstract Expressionism. In your estimation, were these artists continuing the development of Abstract Expressionism or were they moving on to new ideas? Explain your answer. Be sure to discuss specific artists and analyze their works.

7. What are the two types of art experience Michael Fried discuss in his essay, "Art & Objecthood"? Which one does he favor, and why? What does Fried call Minimalism? Why? Give examples of three specific works by three Minimal artists and explain how Fried might view these works versus the way the artist might view the work. Do you accept Fried claims about art? Why or why not.

Each answer will be about one page long. Quotations will be at a bare minimum.

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