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Title: Compare and Contrast related Themes or Techniques in Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman' and the film adaptation of the play.

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Essay Instructions: The topic I would like you to discuss in this essay would be to compare and contrast related themes or techniques in Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman' and the film adaptation of the play. The film, which was published in 2002, is directed by Alex Segal, Producers are: David Susskind and Daniel Melnick, Publisher: Kultur. The essay should have this kind of structure:

1. Introduction
2. Example 1: Film and Drama = miniconclusion
3. Example 2: Film and Drama = miniconclusion
4. Example 3: Film and Drama = miniconclusion

Every example should discuss a theme. This could be: american dream, reality/illusion, stage direction, dialogue, characterization, abandonment, etc.

This essay should be written in MLA format, and it should contain quotations from the literary text.
Excerpt From Essay:

Death of a Salesman. Dir. Alex Segal. Perf. Lee J. Cobb and George Segal. 2002. DVD

Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman. 1980. Print.

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Title: Arthur Miller's "The Misfits"

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Essay Instructions: Please write a two page response paper on Arthur Miller's "The Misfits" The topic is open to your interpretation. In developing the topic and the essay do not use any online material.
Excerpt From Essay:

The Misfits. Starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. 1961

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Title: Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller

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Essay Instructions: "DEATH OF A SALESMAN" by Arthur Miller.

PART !: Knowledge and understanding/Application

1. Thesis Identification
2. Author's Use of Five Persuasive Devices or Methods of Proof or Rhetorical/Literary Devices
3. Categorize the Essay and Provide Reasons Why
4. Content Question

Sight Passage Analysis Strategies
Read the question before reading the sight passage to establish an efficient reading focus.
List below any "thesis hunting tips" to ensure that what you have identified is indeed the author's main point

List below at least fifteen persuasive devices or methods of proof or rhetorical devices used by essayists to establish and/or deepen their argument

List below the categories of essays we read from our VIEWPOINTS


Overview of this Thematic Connection Section
You'll be asked to write a supported opinion paragraph of no more than 250 words that establishes thematic connection between the sight passage and DEATH OF A SALESMAN:

Excerpt From Essay:
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