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Title: Transmedia CHaracters Sherlock Holmes

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Essay Instructions: This paper is similar to the James Bond paper, expect longer and more complex. THe main focus is transmedia as a whole and how sherlock holmes appears across different mediums, i.e. literature, film, tv, etc.

Final papers should be at least 10+ (double the short papers) and should develop an original argument about the Sherlock Holmes universes that is either BROAD or DEEP. That is, you could broadly analyze the transmedia universe or extend it into some new adaptation we didn't discuss: e.g. House, any of the other zillion Holmes movies. Or you can go DEEPER into arguments about, say, Elementary or Psych or or the Holmes novels (Arthur Conan Doyle). (These are the primary source options)

Secondary sources: use at least three, one of which should be new (that is, not from class.) You can find additional sources in books or online journals; you may also use book reviews or detailed blog posts/ analyses (please cite!) Fans as well as journalists do worthy criticism. The point of these secondary sources is to contextualize your argument in the critical literature: to put your argument in conversation with someone else's. (This may mean arguing with them!)
Excerpt From Essay:

Barr, Mike. "The Doomsday Book." Detective Comics 1987: Print.

Coppa, Francesca. "Sherlock as Cyborg: Bridging Mind and Body." Sherlock and Transmedia

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Title: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet

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Essay Instructions: From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet

Part 1 (Biography)

Find out the biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Did Doyle's life experiences influence his novel, and if so, how?

Part 2 (History)

Furthermore, find out about the historical timeframe in which A Study in Scarlet was written. Are there any important thinkers, events, or social movements that may have either influenced or be reflected by the novel?

Part 3 (Criticism)

In addition, find at least three academic/scholarly peer-reviewed articles on the novel (A Study in Scarlet). Present what those critics had to say about the novel.

Part 4 (Influence)

In addition find out how A Study in Scarlet has influenced culture after its publication-through film, music, television, popular culture, other novels, or any other media you can think of.
Excerpt From Essay:

Morrison, Toni. Beloved. New York: Signet Books. 1987.

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Title: The Red Headed League" by Arthur Conan Doyle

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Essay Instructions: Professor Notes:

Start with the US Copyright office website, they offer basic and advanced searching options of the US Copyright registry. (HINT: You'll probably need to use the advanced search features and limits.)


Please answer the following questions:

1. What are "orphan works" and why Google's acquisition of them for the Google Books project controversial?

2. Ulysses, by James Joyce is listed by project Gutenberg as being not protected, yet an advance search of the USUS Copyrights Database for the title Ulysses with a claimant name of James Joyce yields a document with copyright registration number TX0001754418. How can both of these entries be true?

3. What is the copyright status of the story "The Red Headed League" by Arthur Conan Doyle?

4. The US Copyright Database is search-able for records that go back as far as 1978. If you want to determine if something published prior to 1978 is copyrighted, how would you go about doing so?
Excerpt From Essay:

Keene also seems keen to reestablish the importance of World War One for historians. The Great War has often been overshadowed by its successor, even though what took place during World War One had a direct bearing on World War Two. Keene draws the direct parallel between the labor activism of doughboys to the G.I. Bill passed after the Second World War. The author does not ignore the practical and global implications of World War One; Keene simply paints a fuller picture of war than other authors and historians. War does not only depend on the outcome of battles but also on how those battles were fought.


Keene, Jennifer D. Doughboys, the Great War, and the Remaking of America. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.

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