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Title: Transmedia Characters

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Essay Instructions: Transmedia Characters: Sherlock, James, and Harry

Length: ~ 5 pages

Your assignment is to write a paper about the Sherlock Holmes universe as depicted across multiple media that is rooted in analyzing evidence from our various class texts: these include not only the Arthur Conan Doyle stories listed below, but all of The Complete Sherlock Holmes; the Jeremy Brett version of A Scandal in Bohemia, the BBC Sherlock episodes, Elementary, the Watson & Holmes comic, or the fanvids, fanfiction, or fan art we did in class (as well as other fanworks: see note below.)

“You may marry him, murder him, or do anything you like to him” ??" Arthur Conan Doyle
“A study in Scarlet” Part I; Part II chapters 6-7 -Doyle
“Sign of the Four” (Chapter 1 only)
“A Scandal in Bohemia” Doyle
“The Man with the Twisted Lip” ??"Doyle
“THe Final Problem” ??" Doyle
“The Slaughthouse of Literature” ??"Moretti
A Scandal in Bohemia- Brett
Fanworks and FanVids

The point of the paper is to make an argument across media: i.e. examine a theme from, say, text to television, text to comics, television to fan art, television to fanfiction, etc. This might be a comparison or contrast, an examination of a specific theme or moment, or an analysis of characterization across media. You should definitely take into account the effect of the media itself: that is, what kinds of meanings does text enable/disable, what strengths (weaknesses) does video, comics, fan art, or music videos, etc. have.

Note: For this paper, please confine yourself to versions of Holmes listed or attached. The exception here is that you may use additional fan sources (fiction, vids, art), in which case: please include either a copy of the art or a link to it.

You do NOT need to use secondary sources for this paper; you can make your arguments from primary sources alone. This is a short paper, which means that you'll probably only have time to examine 2-4 pieces of evidence. Think of it as two or three of your normal homework papers, and like your homework, it should feature close readings of evidence. Close reading is the technique in literary studies in which you pay close attention to a quotation and to the choice of words/ pattern of language within it. Your evidence can also, however, be an image or a short scene from a television show, comic, etc. but you must still pay close attention to the parts of that image or scene: what the characters look like, are wearing, what they say to each other, their body language, the frame composition. (Literally consider the screenshot as an artistic picture.)

* YOU HAVE FREEDOM TO PURSUE YOUR OWN THEME/INTERESTS: e.g. characters, plot elements, issues of class, race, masculinity and femininity, sexuality, nationalism, science and technology, authority, aesthetics, rationality, friendship, narrative structures, ideology, deduction/investigation, historical context, communications and media, etc. The Timeline at the back of your syllabus might also inspire you.

* THAT BEING SAID: DON'T CHOOSE TOO BIG A TOPIC ??" NARROWER IS BETTER. If in doubt, root yourself in a particular quote, a particular image, a particular panel and work UP to a thesis.




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Excerpt From Essay:

Doyle, Arthur Conan, "The Original Illustrated 'Strand' Sherlock Holmes," (Wordsworth Editions, 1989)

Doyle, Arthur Conan, "Sherlock Holmes: Adventure Detective, Book One," (Aquitaine Media Corp, 01.01.2009)

Steiff, Josef, "Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy: The Footprints of a Gigantic Mind," (Open Court Publishing, 18.10.2011)

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Title: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Essay Instructions: I need the sources to be from Gale Research Company a few resources I have already I are as follows:
-George Grella and Philip B. Demattaeis. Dictionary of Literary Biography "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle." Vol. 18, Detroit Michigan 48226. Gale research company C. 1983.
-Ann Commire. Something about the author "Arthur Conan Doyle" Vol. 24, Detroit, Michigan 48226. Gale Research Company C. 1981
-Sharon K. Hall. Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle." Vol 7 Detroit Michigan 48226. Gale Research Company C. 1982

My teachers specifications where
1-appx. a page on the personal life of the author
2-appx three pages on the authors literary career, with a discussion of the author's most famous works )with an emphasis on one work~~the work you've read),
a discussion of the author's style of writing,
a discussion of the author's major thems, and
a discussion of the authors influence on the time and other authors
3-appx. a page of criticism (critical reviews) of the authors most famous work or works

Must be atleast 1250-1500 words-preferable wtih a introduction with a thesis statemnt and a conclusion

Also use transitions to move from one sentence to another, from one paragraph to another, and from one section of your paper to another

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle." Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2002.

Wynne, C. (2002). The colonial Conan Doyle: British imperialism, Irish nationalism, and the Gothic. Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group.

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Title: The exclusion of feminity in Victorian Adventure novels

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Essay Instructions: Treasure Island was, according to Stevenson, ‘to be a story for boys...women were to be excluded’. In what ways do the other texts from the module (H.,G. Wells's The Island of Dr. Moreau, Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World, John Buchan's Greenmantle) ‘exclude’ women?

This assignment comprises a) an essay of 3,000 words; b) an abstract of ca. 150 words describing the methodological, theoretical and critical bases of the essay; and c) a properly compiled bibliography listing the primary and secondary sources you have consulted during the course of your research.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Buchanan, John. Greenmantle. New York: George H. Doran, 1916.


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Title: Transmedia CHaracters Sherlock Holmes

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Essay Instructions: This paper is similar to the James Bond paper, expect longer and more complex. THe main focus is transmedia as a whole and how sherlock holmes appears across different mediums, i.e. literature, film, tv, etc.

Final papers should be at least 10+ (double the short papers) and should develop an original argument about the Sherlock Holmes universes that is either BROAD or DEEP. That is, you could broadly analyze the transmedia universe or extend it into some new adaptation we didn't discuss: e.g. House, any of the other zillion Holmes movies. Or you can go DEEPER into arguments about, say, Elementary or Psych or or the Holmes novels (Arthur Conan Doyle). (These are the primary source options)

Secondary sources: use at least three, one of which should be new (that is, not from class.) You can find additional sources in books or online journals; you may also use book reviews or detailed blog posts/ analyses (please cite!) Fans as well as journalists do worthy criticism. The point of these secondary sources is to contextualize your argument in the critical literature: to put your argument in conversation with someone else's. (This may mean arguing with them!)
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Excerpt From Essay:

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