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Title: Victor Horta and the Art Nouveau movement

Total Pages: 18 Words: 4788 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a 5000 word paper using the textbook, "Modern Architecure Since 1900" by William J. R. Curtis, the internet and at least 1 additonal resource to effectively complete the assignment. The paper must include a bibliography and associated footnotes. Include illustrations and diagrams and other visually relevant information as part of the paper.
The topic of research: How does Victor Horta's work reflect the aesthetics of the Art Nouveau movement and what were some of the limitations of the Art Nouveau movement?

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Title: History of architecture

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3101 References: 15 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Essay criteria:
??" major research essay ??"3000 words
??" choosing the material you will discuss is crucial and as important as your argument
??" do not wait to work out your argument before you choose the materials, you will run out of time. Do not research and development of the argument as parallel tasks
??" research your essay using the readings suggested and then do your own research using periodical indexes. It is expected that you discover ideas and literature beyond the recommended readings
??" Reference using the Chicago style (use Notes-Bibliography version NOT the author/date version)
??" demonstrated understanding of seminal readings related to the topic
??" demonstrated understanding of at least one text and one building
??" demonstrated understanding of at least two historical periods, as contect of the above
??" adequate academic writing and referencing
??" skill and originality in argument
??" higher level understanding of readings
??" skill and understanding in the analysis of buildings and texts
??" evidence of further reading/or strong grasp of histroical context
??" skill and clarity in written expression

Essay topic:
With particular reference to one architectural movement, school or group (eg. Art Nouveau, Futurism etc. ), discuss the relationship between art and architecture. How did artists and architects from this movement interact and pursue the same goals? What was the result of exploring similar ideas in different media?

Topic analysis:
??" Only one architectural movement is choosen which is Art Nouveau.
??" Analyse the relationship between art and architecture, for instance, what kind of relationship they have?
??" For artists and architects, what kind of goals they were tried to achieve? Did they had same goals?
??" What is that similar ideas? How did they present it in different ways? How did they put it into daily life?
??" What was the result of exploring similar ideas in different media? How did they influencing people life?
Art Nouveau was a movment throughout Europe and North America in the late 18th century and the beginning of 20th century. This movement is differed from classicism in bringing forth a new relationship between the fine arts and applied arts. The Art Nouveau monement redefined the meaning of art to be part of everyday life. This essay will investigate how art and archiecture interacted to pursue the same ideas, various architects and artists during the Art Nouveau period will be investigated. Both buildings and the fine arts will be analysed to show how Art Nouveau style infiltrated daily life.

How both buildings and fine arts show Art Nouveau style infiltrated daily life and via architecture the fine arts became more present in everyday life.
Select some key figures, both artist and architect as shown in suggested context below or more, to explain the connection between art and architecture in the Art Nouveau movement.

Suggested context:
Arts and Crafts
Associations: William Morris (1834-96); Philip Webb (1831-1915); William Lethaby (1857-1931); Charles Pennie Mackintosh (1868-1928); CFA Voysey (1857-1941)
Projects: Voysey, Broad leys (1898); Webb, Red House (1852-1926); Lethaby, All Saints' Church Brockhampton (1902); Mackintosh, Hill House (1902-03); Mackintosh, Glasgow School of Art (1897-1909)
Art Nouveau, c1890-1910
Key Figures: Victor Horta (1861-1947); Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926); Henry Van de Velde (1863-1957); Hector Guimard (1867-1942)
Projects: Horta, Tassel House (1893); Horta, Horta House (1898); Guimard, Paris Metro Signs (1899-1905); Gaudi, Casa Mila (1905-07)

Please do the eassy according to the criteria, as it should be 3000 words. Try not to use online material, as book/magazine/academic journal article would prefered.
Please contact me before you start if you have any question.

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Title: Art Nouveau

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2044 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The topic for this research paper is:

The Paris Exhibtion of 1889 in the Art Nouveau movement

This is an extremely picky Prof. (Dr., actually)... I need an excellent paper to get the A.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kim Starley

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Title: How were Catalan modernista painters influenced by French Art

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3751 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Essay Plan
Definition of "modernista" (Art nouveau period, approx. 1875-1910 in Barcelona)
Historical context of French influence - Napoleon, etc.
Introduce catalan artists up for discussion and period of time in question
- Les Quatre Gats
- Rusinol
- Casas
- Nonell

French artists who influenced them - specific examples of works of art and their influence on Spanish CATALAN art.
Fauvism, Expressionism, Impressionism, Symbolism

Why would the catalan artists be influenced by French Painters?
- Belle Epoque
- Paris and modernity
- Exposition Universalle

Examples of influence:
Places represented
- Moulin de la galette
- Opera

- Subject matter
- Technique

Discuss the exertion of Spanish indentity in France with specific examples, exhibitions in Barcelona, alienation from Paris.

Recommended minimum book references:

Robert Hughes, Barcelona
Derek Harris, The Spanish Avant Garde
Lunwerg, Modernisme and Modernistes 2002 article be Arnau Puig
Art in 1900: Twilight or Dawn? Robert Rosenblum
Spanish Cultural Studies, an introduction Edited by Helen Graham and Jo Labanyi

Please cite other publications, wherever possible.

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