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Title: Arts

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Essay Instructions: The specific topics I need to cover are:

1) The benefits of art education, i.e; music, art and theater in public schools (k-12) as it relates to improved learning in math, literacy and self-esteem.

2) What percentage of the California education budget is spent on these Art programs.

3) What percentage of the California education budget is spent on other programs such as bilingual education, special needs programs and multicultural educational programs.

4) What percentage of students in California public schools (k-12) are enrolled in or require bilingual education.

5) What percentage of students in California public schools (k-12) are enrolled in or require special needs programs.

6) What percentage of students in California public schools (k-12) are enrolled in or require multicultural educational programs.

The conclusion needs to be that Art education in California public schools (k-12) benefits a vast majority of students in academic ways as apposed to other programs such as bilingual education, special needs programs and multicultural educational programs which cater to a smaller minority. In California we are faced with massive budget cuts in education and need to allocate monies to those programs (Art programs) that benefit all students rather than a minority in the name of political correctness.

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Title: Arts Propel

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Essay Instructions: I am requesting a Critique on the journal article Zero-Based Arts Education: An Introduction to ARTS PROPEL by Howard Gardner which appeared in Studies in Art Education: A Journal of Issues and Research, 30 (2): 71-83. I would like least 8 references to be quoted in the piece. Below are the Gidelines for the Critique. I am assuming that you have access to search for the journal article. If not, please let me know. Thank you.

Components to include:

The Introduction - a short paragraph or two telling the reading what the purpose and scope of the review is.

TheOverview - enough detail so that the instructor know I read and understood the article. Include why the work was done, the basic findings, key materials and methods, and the author's conclusions.

The Evaluation - This has 4 objectives as follows:
1) Briefly present information on the background of the author, Howard Gardner.
2) Identify the purpose/agenda/viewpoint (whether stated or hidden) of the author.
3) Identify the argument(s) offered by the author and discuss whether you do/do not believe they have merit; in other workds, are the arguments sound. (I believe that they are.)
4) State the sources of information the author uses to make up the article and offer an opinion on whether you believe they are credible. (I believe they are credible.)

The Conclusion

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Title: Creative Community Building

Total Pages: 5 Words: 2192 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Integrating Theory and Practice

The purpose of this paper is to provide you with an opportunity to enrich your skills/knowledge as a teacher in ways that you chose. Within the purview of the course topic, Teaching Adults, write two (or more) learning objectives for yourself for what you can learn by reading relevant research and scholarly writing. The objectives can center on more than one area of interest as long as they are integrated.

My learning objectives (I call them research questions?weird profs!) are:

What are the elements of a thriving Senior?s community arts program?
How effective is art theory in the field of physical therapy?

In order to meet your learning objectives, select and read 6-8 scholarly research articles that will help you meet your objectives. You will then write one paper (5-8 pages, so I ordered 6 pages) outlining the following:


details your learning objectives, why you chose them (I chose them because I am a teaching artist that is integrating into the field of adult community art education), and the process for selecting readings about the topics.
A detailed discussion presenting and critiquing the literature findings relevant to your topics.
A summative discussion about specific ways you could incorporate your findings in to your own teaching. (I am a teaching artist in adult Arts education)

Reports of this reading and your analysis of it will be shared with the rest of the class in the final class session.

Here are options for the Integrating paper: (but you, ?the writer?, may choose to use these?or not)

Brookfield, S.D. (2013). Powerful techniques for teaching adults. San Francisco, California: Jossey Bass Publishing.

Galbraith, M.W., Ed. (2004). Adult learning methods. (3rd ed.). Malabar, Florida: Krieger Publishing Company.

Merriam, S. & Caffarella, R. (1999). Learning in adulthood. (2nd Ed.) San Francisco, California: Jossey Bass Publishing.


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Title: Chinese American Culture Misrepresented in Media

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1054 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is a cultural paper being written for college Art Education. course

The identities of most inhabitants in the US today are made of multiple cultures and factors. These multiple identifies include but are not limited to factors of race, gender, space, place, class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and language.

In an increasingly multicultural world, socio-political and socio-economic understandings of “identity” as a singular construct can lead to denial, erasure or emphasis of certain aspects of our hyphenated identities.

Assignment: Using the 3 media samples you provide in your previous assignment, write a position research paper. Identify and explain what it means to be Chinese-American. Be specific about Chinese-American (cannot be generic in other words, don’t talk about Asian-American). Unpack its construction, consumption and repercussions using specific examples in visual culture. Use ideas drawn from at least 3 references to support your assertions. Explain how this media impacts Chinese-American social, cultural and economic context.

My position: Discuss how Chinese-American’s do not fit the typical mold visualized by media. Chinese are depicted in media as:

• Short
• Women ??" submissive/seductive prostitutes or pure/virgins like geisha girls
• Men ??" gangs/martial arts expert or geeky/nerd
• Super Smart (i.e. naturally good at math, science and technology)
• Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and often lumped together as Asian. As if they are all alike.

Media Examples that must be included are below. I will send you my notes used in previous assignments. Can also use others you find that support position.

• Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan (give assumption all Chinese-American men are martial arts experts/violence) how do they hurt Chinese-American identity.
• Jeremy Lin (basketball player opposite of typical short Chinese-American. Is also strong Christian and publicaly shows it) how does he help Chinese-American identity.

• Gene Luen Yang writer/illustrator of American Born Chinese (comic book that shows kids it’s ok to be different)

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