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Title: Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis

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Essay Instructions: Please read Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis then please pick three of these questions to answer and write in detail the response. Make sure to quote anything used from the text. Please notate it with (p. XX). Please even do this for unquoted material, if it is still information taken from the text. Please integrate quotes into your own sentences. The responses need to be between 300 and 400 words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The questions are as follows:
1. What qualities does Max Gottlieb represent in the novel? What influence does he have on Martin Arrowsmith?
2. One of the first decisions Martin must make is whether to be a practicing healer or a research scientist. Why does he make the choice he does? What factors operate to influence his choice?
3. What does Leora contribute to Martin's life?
4. Why did Martin's second marriage fail? Why did he enter into it?
5. What is the significance of Martin's final decision to pursure pure science? Is this a temporary decision or has he really founf his right place at last?
6. What practices and institutions are satirized in this novel? Is the satire deserved?

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Title: Antigone Gilgamesh Merchant of Venice

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Essay Instructions: In The Merchant of Venice, Gilgamesh, and Antigone, a major tragic character searches for truth as they perceive it. Explain how personal judgement directs the lives of the so called heroes in their journies to make sense of the choices they make. Integrate the main character's thoughts, words, and deeds.

please use Merchant of Venice Folger edition
Gilgamesh by Herbert Mason; Mentor book
Antigone translates by william arrowsmith

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