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Essay Instructions: Army Regulation on Safety in the motor pool
Hazard prevention within the motor pool and HMMWV(High mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle.)
Importance of a ground guide
Proper Safety in a HMMWV
Incident: Slightly speeding and suddenly stopping 6 feet away from the ground guide.

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Essay Instructions: 1. Conduct an analysis of the organizational culture in the US Army. Briefly identify and define the organization.
2. Conduct an analysis of the culture at this organization, using the OCP typology. In reviewing the Dimensions of Organizational Culture Profile in the Organizational Behavior textbook by Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan the best fit for the U.S. Army would be a stable culture (Erdogan, B., & Bauer, T. (2010). Organizational Behavior chp 15)

3. Please define and analyze policies of hiring/laying off, dress code, performance evaluation criteria, promotion criteria. Please also explain how they fit into the organizational culture OCP analysis.

Monday, March 26, 2012
A US Army Recruiter Describes the Fork in the Road to Survival or Defeat

Field Manual 22-100 Army Leadership

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Essay Instructions: Has the diversity of US Army personnel strengthened or weakened the United States Army? In what manner and to what extent?

How has diversity or how could diversity impact loogistics within the Army?

Do Army service members behave differently in the same situations based upon diversity?

How has diversity impacted current conflicts in the world from the US Army's perspective.

Please use proper APA style including proper citations and an Abstract of about 100-150 words.

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Essay Instructions: I need in the paper Customs & Courtesies of the US Army. In my research there are some on the Navy and so on. My paper pertains to the Army only. General ideas needed are Saluting (indoor/outdoor), when and where, how, why we have customs & courtesies and so on. Also include a bit about the history if you can. It's just a generic paper with details. It's more of an informative paper.

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