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Title: threat assessement

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Essay Instructions: my topic will be "REVOLUTIONARY ARMED FORCES OF COLUMBIA." i need you to write it on this format:

I. Identify the group by name and country in which based. If there is no one
country, state the countries in which the group is operative, or the region.
a. Stated goals and objectives of the group.
i. Political goals.
ii. Religious goals, if any.
iii. How do these goals relate to the United States?
II. History of the group, including significant terrorist events attributed to it.
a. Patterns and trends.
b. Successes and failures, including signature or defining events.
III. Ideological and material support
a. Other organizations in support of, or affiliated with, this group.
b. Local/domestic support. (Is there popular support?)
c. State sponsors (e.g., Iran, Syria, etc.).
d. Spiritual or religious support.
e. Umbrella or cover organization, if any.
f. Financial support.
IV. Membership
a. What are the nationality, educational, religious, economic backgrounds of
the members? Is there a specific age grouping?
b. How are they recruited?
V. Strategies and tactics
a. Selection of targets / victims.
b. Methods of attack (e.g. bombings, hostage taking, assassinations, suicide).
c. Tactics utilized in attacks.
d. Target audience (which may differ from targeted victims).
e. Use of media, propaganda and disinformation.
VI. Responses of victim governments and US government
a. Victim government response (e.g. Russia to Beslan school).
b. US government responses to actions of this group.
c. Criminal justice system response (e.g. Yemen vs. Cole bombers) and
d. Security responses (e.g. airports, sea ports, infrastructure).
e. Intelligence activities vs. this group --- how effective?
f. International treaties, UN actions, conventions --- how effective?
VII. Analysis of threat
a. Who and what is vulnerable to future attacks by this group?
b. What are the intelligence gaps? (What do we not know?)
c. What are the potential consequences, nationally and internationally, to
future attacks by this group?
d. What specific measures, in your opinion, would alleviate the threat posed
by this group? (What do YOU recommend?)

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Title: My Role as a Military Officer

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Essay Instructions: Essay Paper for Warrant Officer School admission. Essay Title "My Role as a Military Officer". I have to answer the questions in the essay:

1. Why do I want to be a Military Officer?

2. What does society expect from me as a Military Officer?

3. What are three of my soon to be responsibilities as an officer

REF: 20-C100 (effective communication hand out)
DA Pam 600-2 (armed forces officer)
FM 6-22 (army leadership)
minimum 500 words not to exceed 1500. Also please send in .DOC file
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Title: Private Security Contractors

Total Pages: 14 Words: 4504 Bibliography: 12 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: In today’s reality, modern powerful democratic states are increasingly relying on private military contractors to manage their military efforts in conflicts and in peacetime. Most notably, one can see the American military in Iraq relying heavily on private military contractors to fill in a variety of roles that were once reserved for the military exclusively. These services can include logistical, technical, supply, and consulting services in restructuring the client’s armed forces, and protecting vital governmental entities. This paper investigates the use of private military contractors by the US military and the many ethical and other complications associated with this procedure. The paper will argue that private military contractors have the power and authority to use arms against anyone who they perceive to be a threat, thus completely abandoning any logic of international and military law that is enforced during wartime and peacetime. Most importantly, advocating the use of private military contractors threatens the fundamental idea of a democratic state. Private contractors lack any transparency and usually operate outside of national laws. For example, the majority of private security operators were immune from Iraq law. Transparency is the primary ideal in the functioning of a democratic state. When this ideal is taken out, it isolates the public sphere further from foreign policy decisions made by the government. Security and the use of force that traditionally been confined to the state. With the emergence of Private military corporations that idea is challenged and state power is diminished. This decrease in state power is attributed as result of it having to outsource its use of force to a private corporation, rather than finding a solution from its own branch of armed forces. An example of this would be the C.I.A attempting to from hit squads comprised of private contractors to assassinate Al-Qaeda leaders. The evidence intended to progress the arguments set above will be done primarily using a case study of the multinational corporation, Blackwater USA (renamed Xe as of February 2009), which held the largest share of security contracts in Iraq from 2003 to early 2009. The paper will explain some of the problems with Blackwater including lack of supervision, lack of stability, and it’s opaque culture when questioned about particular engagements that it was involved in. One example of Blackwater’s secrecy is its lack of cooperation with legal and military establishments of the United States and Iraq regarding the shooting to death of 17 civilians in Baghdad. This kind of reckless behavior conducted here and prior by a private military contractor (PMC) increased the distrust of the American government and the military by Iraqi civilians and important political figures needed to stabilize and pacify the country. The paper will try to conclude by advancing certain modifications in the development and awarding of contracts to private military contractors.

Based on the above proposal discuss the implications of modern private military contractors and use blackwater in Iraq as a case study. Feel free to add more ideas and points in order to further the argument.

The paper must begin with a Thesis Statement (1-2 paragraphs) stating (1) your topic and (2) how you intend to structure your discussion. Stay on track and don't wander. Provide evidence and argument, and avoid vague opinion. Summarize and provide your analysis- that is, explain what is significant about what you have written. When writing, and especially when editing the paper, keep checking to ensure that your arguments answer your stated research question and that your evidence supports your arguments. Clarity and internal consistency are the most important characteristics are important here. It is important to make sure that you aren’t trying to do too much. In general, depth is better than breadth because it allows you to demonstrate much more detailed and thorough knowledge of your topic. Use headings and subheadings where appropriate.

I will be sending a couple of resources. Could the author use a couple of them for the paper please.
Also If possible can the author use some these sources:

Juan Carlos Zarate- the Emergence of a New Dog of War: Private International Security companies, International Law, and the New World Disorder.

Jeremy Scahill, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

P.W. Singer. Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry

Sarah Percy, Mercenaries: The History of a Norm in International Relations

Deborah D. Avant: The Market for Force: The Consequences of Privatizing Security

Robert Young Pelton: Licensed to Kill, Hired Guns in the War on Terror

Thank you

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Title: Geneva Convention

Total Pages: 2 Words: 670 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like the paper to reflect supporting points to why the United States should consider adapting the Geneva Convention and the Law of Armed Conflict to the type of warfare they are governing. The Geneva Convention was established during a force on force type conflict, not a counterinsurgency or guerilla warfare and thus it should be tailored to today's conflict; the Law of Armed Conflict should allow the U.S. Armed Forces to conduct themselves as their enemies do (an eye for an eye mentality if you will). Basically this is an opinionated admission essay that doesn't disagree with either the Law of Armed Conflict or the Geneva Convention, it merely needs to display the opinion that these documents should be altered or tailored towards a new fight, since they were established before the current type of conflict.

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