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Title: Arizona Immigration law

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Essay Instructions: 1. Describe how the issue of the Arizona immigration law is understood, at least in its current formulation, as incorporating modernist point of view. In particular, identify how it depends upon notions of individualism, universal truth, and the inevitability of progress (metanarrative) toward predetermined outcomes.

2. Provide an alternative description of the issue using social constructionist, critical, and/or postmodernist perspectives (all three to follow) developed in the course 1.language games, 2.the warfare state (described in the article I will provide and 3. the relational self or deconstruction.

3. Consider some alternative approaches to resolution of the problem suggested by your redescription. You may choose from among the range of approaches suggested in the course readings (again, at least three). The following are only a few examples of these approaches: redescription, critical social theory, dialogical approaches.

4. Compare and contrast your alternative approach with the ones currently in use, and suggest how the alternative might encourage a more successful resolution of the problem.

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