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Title: Argentina Political Factors Specifically over the past 10 years

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2401 Bibliography: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: For the class: Finance 6460-Emerging Markets Finance(Graduate Level Course). I am researching the country of Argentina and specifically the political factors for the countries economy over the past 10 years. I would like the paper to follow the following outline.

I.Organization of Political System
i. Society, Constitution, Government, Parties/Leaders, Judcatue, Buenos Aires

II. Economic Policy
i. Treasury policy
ii. Monetary Policy
iii. The last 10 years (2002-2012)

III. Political and Social Conditions of Argentina Today
i. Diplomacy
ii. Daily Life/People

IV. 2012 Argentina
i. Economic growth, inflation, etc.
ii. Industry, expenses, etc.
iii. Reason for previous- Outside: World Economy slow-down, Inside- Policies

V. Political Elections
i. Christina Fernandez de Kirchner
ii. 2007--2011--Future

VI. Macroeconomic Policy Trend on Equity Markets

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Title: Argentina's definition of terrorism

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3585 Sources: 20 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: PAPER DIRECTIONS

The Issue: Finding a definition for terrorism

The paper should contain:

• A brief, basic description of Argentina's position and interests in international affairs, and Argentina's past role in the United Nations – keep this brief.

• Clearly outline Argentina's policies and what factors contribute to these policies.

• How does Argentina's position on the issue compare to other countries in South America? Is Argentina's position shared by most countries in your region, or are you in the minority?

• What are Argentina's preliminary ideas regarding the strategy they will employ during the meetings to reach its goals on the issue?

• Within your position for the issue, what areas are you flexible and willing to negotiate over? What areas will you refuse to negotiate over?

• Provide suggestions that address the problem areas.

• Integrate indigenous national factors into the responses.

• Refer to domestic and international documents and correctly cite them.

• Deal with the in-depth issues of the topic area.

Paper guidelines

• 10 pages
• single page
• double-spaced
• 1 inch margins on all sides (in Word go to File? Page Setup)
• Page numbers
• Please use headings between sections.
• Double spaced
• 12 point times new roman font.
• Minimum 20 sources, half of which need to be scholarly

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Title: Budget Plan for marketing Gillette in Argentina

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2030 References: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay


1) ASSIGNMENT ONE : Gillette Shaving Marketing Plan in Argentina!!! This project is about introducing Gillette shaving to the Argentina Market. We as a group are doing a huge project about Market Analysis and Plan for Argentina in Specific. I have assigned part D of the project. I need your help in doing it.

"D. Budget, human and physical resource requirements in big picture terms.
It is not expected to be a detailed financial document but more of a financial opportunity
assessment. This is not an elaborate budget plan but will ball-park the costs involved.
Complete Bibliography"

For part D, just look at the cost of doing this transition to Argentina, BRING GILLETTE TO THE ARGENTINA MARKET. For example:

1. Can you find costs to get business licenses?
2. What does a warehouse/production plant cost?
3. What are local wages? How many workers will we need?
4. What are taxes?
5. What are transportation costs?

You see what I am getting at? We want to be as comprehensive as we can, even if you have to make some numbers up, as long as we can support the reason, we should be fine. Does that help? If anything is unclear PLEASE don't proceed and message me first. This is VERY important to me.

ASSIGNMENT TWO: EDITING PART B that i have already done, This should be only a 1 page edit when done. So the first part is the 4 pages of the order and the 2nd part "edit part" is only one page.

Part B is attached! You just need to edit it. It has some comments notes next to some places that needed editing that's it. Assignment one which need alot of work, not this part

I will also attach my Marketing Audit on Argentina to help you!
PS, i paid for 6 outside sources but not sure how many you will need! PLEASE let me know if anything is unclear. I cant stress to you how important this is to me. PLEASE!
Don't limit yourself on pages. let me know if you need more for the first part!

There are several mandatory elements that MUST be included or adhered to in full.
1. Written in the third person only.
2. All sources must be cited within the text, either as in-text citations, footnotes, or end
notes. This means for at least 65% of the paper will be cited completely. Anything that
is not common knowledge, i.e., known by the average fourth grader in the USA, MUST be
cited. In section C, there will probably be fewer citations since it is the group?s creative
3. NO sources can be derived through solely Internet sources.
A document, for example, one prepared by a government agency that is available in hard
copy and online, is NOT an Internet source. They must also exist elsewhere and be
available in hard copy as well as electronically.
4. Includes a complete Bibliography written APA style, preferably, MLA or end notes are
acceptable if prepared consistently. That includes any interviews, phone calls, etc.
5. Accurately employ subtitles and headings; A, B, and C-level headings.
6. Professionally replete with uniform font and format; appropriate tables, charts, and
graphics; table of contents, executive summary, and sound introduction and conclusion.

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Essay Instructions: 1) Compare and contrast at two countries in the following fashion: Italy and Argentina
a) Population and Population Projections 2010-2050
b) Real GDP growth rate 1990-2010 ( data availability)
c) GDP Per Capita
d) Literacy Rates and Educational Profile
e) Other Human Development based statistics when available
f) Energy production and consumption
2) Summarize as much data by utilizing charts
3) Cite sources at the end of the report

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