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Title: Architecture Manifesto

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Essay Instructions: The specific requirement is attached in the resourse file....there are several topics that writer could choose from. But I do recommend the "Architecture plays an important role in the progress of society". China is a great example. During the past 10 years, the rigid speed of development in china is getting better and better everyday. The first class city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is very modernized and well developed examples, and also the secondary cities are also in the progress of development, and have tremendous potential to become well-known city. The most important feature of those cities is architecture. Unique, modern , and there are no other countries can be the same. There are minimum of 5 bibliography from 5 different books. Could be any book.

also there are few topics that talks about the "Architecture is a reflection of its culture" "Architecture is an art form“ ”Architecture forms should be derived from the machine", "architecture reflects Human Life".
Excerpt From Essay:

"architecture." Encyclopaedia Britannica. Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., 2012. Web. 2 Aug 2012. .

"architecture." Questia. Columbia University Press, 2012. Web. 2 Aug 2012. .

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Title: Architecture and the Environment

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Architecture and the Environment Paper

Prepare a 1,150- to 1,400-word paper in which you explore human response to physical structure. As a part of your paper be sure to address the following:

? Describe how physical structure affects human behavior.
? Analyze architecture as a means of controlling human behavior.
? Describe the environmental psychological implications of commercial and residential design, including purpose and considerations.
? Analyze the importance of architectural development supporting sustainable development.
Include at least three references from peer-reviewed sources.
Format your paper consistent with APA form

Please use headers at the top left in bold , times new roman , font 12, double-spaced parag.'s , I need each parag to transition well from one to the other, citing needs to look like this ( author, date, parag. or pg. plus number) .
Excerpt From Essay:

Shah, R.C. And Kesan, J.P. (2007). How Architecture Regulates. Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. Vol. 24, No. 4. Pg. 350.

Veteran's Affairs (2010). Design Guide: Mental Health Facilities. Department of Veteran's Affairs. Office of Construction and Facilities Management. Viewable at

Whitehall, R. (2009). Designing Responsible Behavior. SEEDMagazine. Workbench. Viewable at

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Title: Architecture and Urban Transformation

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Essay Instructions: The central of Footscray form the area of investigation. Footscray central area is designated as a transit city by the state government and substantial future upgrade and development is planned to the station area. 3 sites consist of existing council car parking sites at the junction of French and Paisley Streets in central Footscray form the study area.

The brief is for the redevelopment of the sites into a Mixed use hub of housing, library and learning centre and other community facilities. to be included in the urban transformation of the area.

Architecture and urbanism is seen as a continuous field operate from different perspectives, on different levels and different context and scales. Architecture is an urban artefact, sometimes analytical, sometimes pragmatic and sometimes visionary and utopian but always drawn its life from a piece of the city.

One of the key enquiries of the thesis is the process by which architecture interfaces, and interacts with the wider urban fabric.

The thesis seeks to ask a series of question: is there a discernible order underling the structure of the city, how does
one ‘read’ the city, how does one decipher the complexities of the city. How does that ‘reading’ inform the production of architecture? How could the urban proposal act as a fulcrum to reengage with city? How does the architectural investigation enable expression of inclusiveness?

The architectural proposals generating from the dissertation are seen as a means of exploring urban propositions and possibilities and as a test of how architecture engages and transforms urban life. The students are expected to develop critical ability to engage with urban issue and ideas.

The paper will be expected to explore theoretical positions beyond architecture and contemplates theories in the field of urban and cultural studies. The paper will explore design proposals and critically review design interventions
to the life and experiences of the city.

Students are expected to explore urban design strategy that focuses on the regeneration of the area. Much of our city today consists of autonomous buildings of single use and purpose ultimately cut off from each other and from the fabric of the city. The studio requires the students to consider the provision of a number of buildings to house the required program in various configurations instead of a single iconic or monolithic building.

Public spaces and infrastructure in various forms will be introduced to the proposal as part of the program. The insertion of public spaces has the potential to be a binder of disparate parts, a connector of functions, a generator of shared public culture and container of activities.

Thesis statement (100 words)
Background chapter (1250 words)
Thesis research proposal and site (1000 words)

Excerpt From Essay:

Lynch, K (1960) The Image of the City. Cambridge: MIT Press;

Revisioning Footscray -- Final Report (2005) Red Road Development 14 June 2005.

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