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Title: Top Girls and Arcadia

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Essay Instructions: Choose one of the following topics:

1. Time is an important dramatic tool in both Top Girls and Arcadia. Compare how Churchill and Stoppard use time to advance dramatic ideas in these two plays.

2. The role of women in society is central to Top Girls and is important in Arcadia. Compare what Churchill and Stoppard present to their audiences.

Obviously, the books in reference here are Churchill's Top Girls and Stoppard's Accadia.


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Title: Tom Stoppard's Arcadia

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Essay Instructions: Tom Stoppard's Arcadia is a modern play that uses setting in a unique but consistent manner.Characters from both time frames interact with people from their time and eventually blend and appear to interact across all 200 years of time. Characters who are not in the play or who appear briefly ( and even without lines are critical for the understanding of Tom Stoppard's multi-thematic/comedic-drama. A listing of these characters include: Lord Byron, Mrs. Chater, Plautus/Lightning and Gus Coverly. THE INSTRUCTIONS: Choose ONE of these "shadow" characters and discuss her/his importance for the development and understanding of one of the play's many themes and resolutions. One direct quote from the book must be cited.

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Title: theatre art

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Essay Instructions: Watch the following two plays and answer the questions, and please label it clearly:
The Shape of Things Neil LaBute
Arcadia Tom Stoppard

The Shape of things:
A. What did you think? Did you like it? What does this play say about life? About art? Did you notice anything interesting about the script itself? How did you feel about the characters? (Is Evelyn an awful bitch? Is Adam stupid?) Themes? Motifs? Symbols? How far would you go for love? Are ethics subjective? Etc. Etc. Etc.

One specific question: What moment in this play has the most potential for "theatricality"?

B. 1. Discuss any one moment from or aspect of the play that presents the potential for THEATRICALITY. Specifically discuss why.
2. Name 2 things that make this play somewhat cinematic.
3. Discuss the main theme (insinuated by the title) and its relevance to Tolstoy's ideas concerning art. In other words, how does the title relate to why Tolstoy might think that this play is ethically and artistically appropriate for our society and era.
4. Is Evelyn's project evocative of a VANITAS? Or is it one? Why or why not?
5. If ethics/morality are not objective and fixed then where do you think they begin? Why do we believe that murder is wrong if that belief is not somehow innate.
6. Is Evelyn a sociopath, a psychopath or neither and why?

A: Again, take the time to do some reading on the play. Of all the plays we've read, this one has the most theoretical, critical and literary publication. There's LOTS of stuff online. Normally, I would suggest the opposite but for this one you might want to do some research first. When I saw it in London, the program was close to 30 pages long! It's a DENSE play! Some ideas: 1. Look into the scientific and artistic motifs: especially landscape architecture (classical vs. picturesque) and mathematics (chaos, determinism and fractals). There are a number of social themes as well but the scientific and artistic/aesthetic themes are the most likely to require more researched understanding. 2. Compare and contrast the motif of fractals in this play with that of pointillism in SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE. 3. There are a number of really interesting symbols based in these same ideas. Specifically, I like the hermit, the garden and the primer. 4. Also, consider the thematic through-line of this play in all of the work we've read this semester. Think about the contrast between emotion and intellect (as previously explored in WIT, POETRY OF PIZZA and SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE). Additionally, we alluded to chaos theory when we read INTHE BLOOD. This play specifically uses chaos versus determinism as part of its thematic structure. Think about this far more lucid exploration of these concepts relate to the manner in which they were discussed during our IN THE BLOOD discussion. I also think that the way this play focuses on sex and romance can be compared and contrasted to some of the thematic content in THE GOAT. 5. Finally, this play is explicitly nonlinear. Take a look at the theatricality inherent in the timeline. You should also think about the new way of looking at theatricality - "theatricality of theme and subject matter" - that we discussed in out DOUBT Elluminate.

B. 1. List and describe one parallel between ARCADIA and each of the other plays' we've read.

2. Give two reasons why I might argue that ARCADIA is a great choice to end the semester.

The other plays we've read:
The Shape of Things Neil LaBute

In the Blood Suzan-Lori Parks

Wit Margaret Edson

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia Edward Albee

Doubt John Patrick Shanley

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Title: Successful utopias in arts and design

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Essay Instructions: This course examines the artificial constructions of utopias (“no-place” or “good place”) in both the tradition of the archaic garden and in the practice of new beginnings in Modernist art and in modern and contemporary writing. Behind Baroque and Classical Arcadia is the mementomori, the remembrance of mortality; behind the utopias of modernism are, among others, the post-romantic catastrophes of the logos and Pre-socratic notions of order and chaos on the margins of culture and philosophy. What does it mean, in the modern period, to construct a revolutionary art of utopia through gestures which, to adapt Finlay on Saint-Just, “speak like an axe?”
The research paper should therefore analyze successful utopias in arts and design.

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