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Title: Arab Spring

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Essay Instructions: This is for a political science class about political change in first and third world countries. The paper is on the effect of the Democratic Arab Spring in Morocco. Please use any information pertaining to this. If you have any questions please ask. The research paper is comparing a specific issue of democratic change in first and/or third world country. The paper should include four sections: 1) a thesis or a statement of the issues to be examined; 2) a breif review of literature; 3) a theoretical approach or conceptual framework derived from different theories; 4) a conclusion summarizing the empirical results of the study. Thanks
Excerpt From Essay:

Achy, L., Touhtou, R., & Hachimi, M.E. (2012). State and Civil Society in Morocco: Assessing the Arab Spring Effect. Retrieved from

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Title: The "Arab Spring" and Terrorism

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Essay Instructions: The "Arab Spring" and Terrorism

After completing this week’s readings, compose a short essay that addresses the following:

Briefly describe what took place during the political movement known as the Arab Spring and indicate which countries were affected.
Analyze the impact of this movement on one of these countries in terms of political and social change.
Determine if this movement will increase or decrease the amount of terrorism activity emanating from the country you selected and support your thesis.
Provide an overall analysis of the impact of the Arab Spring on the state and non-state sponsored terrorism in the region
The paper must be at least three double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least one scholarly resource (in addition to the two required readings) to support your claims. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.
Excerpt From Essay:

Aa. V. (2011), The New Arab Revolt: What Happened, What It Means, and What Comes Next, Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs, Maggio-Giugno.

Brownlee, J.,Masoud, T. And Reynolds, A. (2013). The Arab Spring: the politics of transformation in North Africa and the Middle East. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lutterbeck, D. (2013). Arab Uprisings, Armed Forces, and Civil-Military Relations. Armed Forces & Society, Vol. 39, No. 1 (pp. 28 -- 52)

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Title: Arab Spring

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Essay Instructions: Give an introduction about the Arab Spring. what were the reasons for the revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya? do they have something in common? how are the political situations before and now in these countries? What about the situation in Syria? is it going to the same direction as the ones before? Also, the Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates? what they did to avoid the revolution? what kind of characteristics they have?

Please write the pages number references for the books or PDFs, and for the links. Please, make sure to include any link reference, books or PDFs you use so I be able to access the references.
Excerpt From Essay:

Anderson, Lisa. "Demystifying the Arab Spring." Foreign Affairs, 90.3 (2011): 1-7.

CBS News. "Arab Spring's uprisings reshape U.S. influence." Retrieved January 4, 2012, from 2011.

Damon, Arwa. "Syrian defector says government has lost control of 'human monsters'." Retrieved January 5, 2012, from

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The Public Record. Retrieved January 4, 2012, from

Gilbert, Ben. "Tunisia's Democratic Intentions Questioned." The World. Retrieved January 4,

2012, from 2012.

Habboush, Mahmoud, and Shauib, Ali. "Militias may drag Libya into civil war, transitional government chief says." The Washington Post. Retrieved January 4, 2012, from

Nelson, Soraya Sarhaddi. "Egypt's Street Kids Are Revolution's Smallest Soldiers." National

Public Radio. Retrieved January 4, 2012, from 2012.

Voice of America. "Thousands of Egyptians Protest Violence Against Women." Retrieved

January 5, 2012, from

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