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Title: Productive teaching

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Essay Instructions: I would like your help in writing an one page review on the article by Lee. C. D. "A culturally based cognitive apprenticeship:Teaching African American high school students skills in literary interpretation". This paper should have two parts: first part is the general summary of the article, and the second part will be a response to one major point that may include reflections on evidence that supports or contradicts the author's position from research or prior experience. Thanks.
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Title: Cognitive Assessment

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Essay Instructions: You are to write a 2-page paper. Answer the questions separately. State the question first and then continue to answer the question. For Outside Sources, Use Internet Only!

Question #1)
Due to some bias of cognitive assessments which can skew test results, "should companies be required to assess entry level employees with pertinent aptitudinal tests (dependent on the job requirements) as well as testing for cognitive abilities?"

Question #2)

On the topic of learning at work and having this knowledge assessed and recognized; "should there be a resurgence of traditional apprenticeships (construction trades, transportation, etc); and a movement for apprenticeship programs that would apply to most occupations that do not presently recognize such training and education?" (Medicine, manufacturing, education, etc.)

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Essay Instructions: I really need help with this Web Assignment
Course Subject: Training and Development

Topic: Apprenticeship Proposal

Here are the details:

Use the Department of Labor?s website and find the area on Registered Apprenticeship. Explore the ?For Employers? section. Based on the information found here, create an apprenticeship proposal for a position in the company you work for, or wish to work for. Make sure to include in your apprenticeship specific skills the apprentice will be learning, the modeling and practice techniques that will be used, and the feedback process that will be incorporated (both informal and formal). Explain how many hours per week the apprentice will work, and how long the entire apprenticeship should take. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your apprenticeship program.

Noe, R. A. (2010). Employee training and development. (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

Attached: Chapter 7 pages 263-270

Essay needs to be 500-550 words, in an APA format to include the title page.

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Title: Britain today

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Essay Instructions: Hallo,

I want to ask you if you can help me with my report. It is about Britain and its social and economic decline. I had to give a short talk about it already ? just an interim report. There I said:
We all know that you can all lie with statistics; one statistic does not give the full picture. I have often heard that the UK economy is strong, healthy, the fourth largest in the world. But is this only on paper? If the paper value of many of my important assets grows by 10%-20% a year I can soon become much "richer" than my neighbours. But if my neighbours do not buy my goods or Services I must borrow to buy theirs. Is this Britain in 2004?

When I came here I noticed many things which suggested that the underlying economy was not at all so strong. So many imported goods - cars, white goods, sweets, yoghurts....and so few British ones in Europe. Why?

I therefore have not looked at economic models but at what I saw around me, read in the press, heard from natives and I supplemented this with the relevant most important statistics.

I looked at three main areas -

?Massive problems of crime, drugs, violence etc.
?Poor general education Standards, poor apprenticeship System
?Many Professional middle-class people leaving the country
?Inflated house prices
?Poor social statistics a burden on the economy - teenage
pregnancies, binge drinking, increases in smoking, obesity,
VD, especially among the young

?Manufacturing now only a small and decreasing part of GDP,
with productivity below that of France, Germany,
Scandinavia despite longer working hours in UK
?Lower Standards of worker protection and lower labour costs
in UK are NOT leading to lower prices for British goods
?Balance of payments - massive deficit and rising
?North Sea oil production peaking
?Poor infrastructure - railways, roads etc.
?Poor long-term Investment over many years

?75% of credit card borrowing in Europe is in UK - average
personal debt level highest in Europe
?Inflated house prices feeding living on credit
?Balance of trade - see above
?Uncertainty about the ? has negative effect on Investments
and longer-term planning

All in all, Britain seems to be living way beyond its resources, a recipe for disaster in the long run if attitudes do not change. And these are interdependent on changes in the economy.

Is Britain like the frog which does not realise (or does not want to realise) that it is being slowly boiled to death until it is too late?

Can you please focus on these three chapters/areas? You do not need to write about every bulletin point in the chapters, just pick some. Other ideas are welcome, too.

Do not use economic models.

Please use more (up-to-date) Journals and newspapers articles than critical books.


Thanks for your help.

Anke Wittwer

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