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Title: Medical Case Appendiceal Carcinoid Tumor

Total Pages: 2 Words: 734 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: MAKE UP a medical case, Age of the patient, patient problem; Appendicitis that turn out to be a Carcinoid Tumor

2 parts to the paper:

TITLE: related to the case

CASE: presentation of the patient, history, complaint, what was done, investigations, diagnosis, intervention, result etc

DISCUSSION: pathophysiologic and surgical principles of the disease and procedure; factors that contributed to this patient’s outcome; and one last paragraph on how this experience affected you personally and how it has influenced your approach to medicine.

REFERENCES: 4 good references, articles or books
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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Developmental History Case Study
Complete the Developmental History Form using information from one of the following individuals as its basis:

Your children
The child of a friend

Note. The subject of the history may be kept anonymous and the developmental history should use the child?s data from approximately 4 years of age or younger.

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper based on the completed developmental history form. The paper should include the following information:

A discussion of the risks and developmental complications associated with each section of the developmental history
How deficits in each area may result or evolve into specific disorders and medical diseases later in development
Long-term consequences associated with disorders and illnesses that develop
The relationship between your findings and the developmental history case
Potential issues for the child based on the responses received
Developmental History Form
Demographic Information
Child?s Name_Lily Andrews
Date of Interview: 10/6/11 Date of Birth: 11/17/99 Age of Child: 12
Male/Female Female
Primary Caregiver/Parent Information
Father Name: Michael Andrews
Employment: Self employed
Length of Employment: 3 years
Occupation: Handy-man, general contractor Highest Grade Level 12
Stepfather: No
Primary Language: English Secondary Language: N/A

Mother Name: Patricia Andrews, divorced
Employment: N/A
Length of Employment ___________________________________________________________
Occupation________________________________________ Highest Grade Level___________
Primary Language: English Secondary Language: N/A
Primary Caregiver
With what adults does this child live?: Father
How long in the current living situation?: Ten Years
Name of Caregiver: Michael Andrews
Relationship to Child: Father
Age: 32
Family History
Please list all brothers and sisters, and any other children living with the family
Age Sex Relationship to this child living at home?
10 M Brother, Yes
Child Care
If primary caregiver works outside the home, please provide the following information:
Who cares for this child when caregivers are gone?: Grandparents
How many hours per day is this child in a child-care setting?: 4
How many different people care for this child? Please explain: Grandmother and grandfather
Planned pregnancy? No
Pregnancy under doctor?s care: Yes
Number of previous miscarriages: 0
Check any of the following complications that occurred during the pregnancy
Difficulty in conception Toxemia Abnormal weight gain
Measles Excessive vomiting German measles
Excessive swelling Emotional problems X Vaginal bleeding
Flu Anemia X High blood pressure
Maternal injury:
Hospitalization during pregnancy:
X-rays during pregnancy:
Medications used during pregnancy:
Alcohol used during pregnancy: Yes
Cigarettes during pregnancy: Yes
Other drugs used during pregnancy:
Type_________________________ Frequency___________________ Prescription Yes No
Type_________________________ Frequency___________________ Prescription Yes No
Type_________________________ Frequency___________________ Prescription Yes No
Type_________________________ Frequency___________________ Prescription Yes No
Type_________________________ Frequency___________________ Prescription Yes No
Type_________________________ Frequency___________________ Prescription Yes No
At this child?s birth, what was the mother?s age?: 16 Fathers age?: 20
Mother?s age at birth of FIRST child?: 16
Was this child born in the hospital?: Yes
If No, where?
Length of Pregnancy: 9 months 2 weeks Birth Weight: 3 lbs, 2 oz.
Child?s condition at birth: Born missing 4 limbs
Mother?s condition at birth: Fine
Check any of the following complications that occurred during birth:
Forceps Used: Breech Birth: Labor Induced: X Caesarean Delivery: X
Other Delivery Complications:
Incubator: Yes No How long?
Jaundiced: Yes No Bilirubin Lights? Yes No If yes, how long?
Breathing problems right after birth: NO
Supplemental oxygen Yes No If yes, how long?
Was anesthesia used during delivery? Yes No If yes, what kind?
At what age did this child first do the following? Please indicate year/month of age.
Turn over: 2 Months Walk down stairs: Child cannot walk
Sit alone: 7 months Show interest in or attraction to sound:
Crawl: 8 months Understand first words:
Stand alone: N/A Speak first words: 11 months
Walk alone: N/A Speak in sentences: 18 months
Walk up stairs: N/A
Was this child breast-fed?: No When weaned?:
Was this child bottle-fed?: Yes When weaned?: 12 months
When was this child toilet-trained?: 18 months
Did bed-wetting occur after toilet training: No If yes, until what age?:
Did bed-soiling occur after toilet training? No If yes, until what age?:

Has this child experienced any of the following problems? If yes, please describe.
Walking difficulty: N/A
Unclear speech: Yes Could not pronounce ?s? sound
Sleep problem: No
Feeding problem: No
Underweight problem: No
Eating problem: No
Overweight problem: No
Colic: No
Difficulty learning to ride a bike: N/A
Difficulty learning to skip: N/A
Difficulty learning to throw and catch: No
During this child?s first 4 years, were any special problems noted in the following areas? If yes, please describe.
Eating: No
Motor skills: No
Sleeping too much: No
Temper tantrums: No
Excessive crying: No
Sleeping too little: No
Failure to thrive: No
Separating from parents: No
Which hand does this child used for writing or drawing?: Uses her right arm stump to do everything
Has this child been forced to change writing hand?: N/A

Medical History
Childhood Illnesses/Injuries
Please check the illnesses this child has had and indicate age, year and month
Measles: No Rheumatic fever: No
German measles: No Diphtheria: No
Mumps: No Meningitis: No
Chicken pox: Yes 5 years old Encephalitis: No
Tuberculosis: No Anemia: No
Whooping cough: No Fever above 1040: Yes 7 years old due to appendicitis
Scarlet fever: No Broken bone: No
Head injury: No Sustained high fever: No
Coma or any loss of consciousness: No
Has this child ever been on any medication for 6 months or more? No

Please indicate whether this child currently has any of the following problems.
Respiratory Cardiovascular Gastrointestinal
Frequent colds Shortness of breath Excessive vomiting
Chronic cough Dizziness with physical exertion Frequent diarrhea
Asthma Activity limited due to heart Constipation
Hay fever Condition Stomach pain
Sinus condition Heart murmur

Genitourinary Musculosketetal Neurological
Urination in pants/bed Muscle pain Seizures/convulsions
Pain while urinating Clumsy walk Speech defects
Excessive urination Poor posture Bites nails
Strong odor to urine Other muscle problems Sucks thumb
Bangs head
Rocks back and forth

Allergies Skin
Allergy to medicine Frequent rashes
Allergy to food: Dairy, eggs Bruises easily
Bowel movements in other allergies Sores
Pants/bed Severe acne
Itchy skin (Eczema)

Speech Hearing Vision
Stuttering Ear infections: Yes Vision problems
Unclear speech Hearing problems Glasses/contacts
Other speech problems
Date of most recent speech exam:
Date of most recent hearing exam:
Date of most recent vision exam:
Medical Care
Child?s Physician: Doctor Painter
How often does child see doctor?: Once a year
Is this child currently on medication? No
Has this child ever been physically or sexually abused or neglected?: No
Has this child ever had psychological counseling or therapy?: No
Has this child ever had a neurological exam?: No
Has this child ever had a psychological or psychiatric exam?: Yes age 6
If yes, person?s name, date of exam, reason for exam, telephone number of person:

Excerpt From Essay:

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