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Title: Venus role in art

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Essay Instructions: Aphrodite in Art

In a 12 pages essay, please write about the important role of Aphrodite/Venus in art (sculptures, visual paintings, frescos...). You can first explain what art is and how Aphrodite role would fix in that definition. I also would like you to discuss not only her role in classical Greek/roman art; but also included her as a motherly role of Mary in religious (Christian) art during the Medieval time and how that side of her represent the woman role in society {by this I meant anytime- classical, medieval, and modern time}; and finally in modern time as Marilyn Monroe is a modern Venus (you can use Andy wore?s painting of Marilyn as one example). In addition, you can compare and contrast on how her role is varies during difference period of time to show her as a goddess of love, and beauty. And don't forget to write about what are some of her roles in art? Why is she always been a subject for many artists during Classical and Renasissance time? ect.. Writer please be creative, show deep understanding. Write this paper in the English essay format for content but in an artistic/creative way. And if you can think of any other interest ideas that will help the paper please do so. These examples above are just some of my thoughts about this subject. This is a very very very important paper for me. Please email me if there is something unclear here.

Please use:
1. Janaro and Altshuler, The Art of Being Human, 7th ed, 2003 as one of the source for the essay.
2. Fowler, The Little, Brown Handbook, 9th ed. As MLA guide for works cited and quotations.
3. I have found this one good website about this topic. I don?t know it will help you though. Here is the website:
4. And finally you can use any paintings and sculptures in needed to support your topic sentence or facts or opinions. Some art works I recommend are: The birth of Venus, Venus and Adonis?

Paper Content criterias:

Overall: Paper responds to pattern of organization given in assignment; paper has interested introduction, good detail body, and conclusion; points in body relate to overall thesis with coherence and unity; points are presented in logical and appropriate sequence. Do not be repeatitive.

Paragraphs in body: each is well developed and focused on one main point, having a topic sentence with a controlling idea.

Transitions: connection of ideas is made between paragraphs; connection is made between aspects of development within paragraphs to crate smooth flow of thought.

The content of the paper should show an effort to understand cultural diversity; culture, tradition. Paper responds to assignment and reflects understanding of and depth of though about material.

Thesis and paper throughout are not superficial or obvious about topic but show thought, maturity, and perceptiveness, as well as an academic and scholarly pursuit of ideas suitable for college work.

Development of each point has depth, going past genialities to specifics of background, reasons, analysis, and evidence. Logic and coherence of ideas/argument are strong.

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Title: aphrodite in odyssey vs venus in lusiads

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2249 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I will need a contrast paper on Aphrodite in Odyssey vs Venus in Lusiads

I will need a detailed outline by November 25th, it also needs to include a works cited page

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Title: Aphrodite

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Essay Instructions: This paper will analyze the personality and beauty of Aphrodite, including how she treated mortals and other gods, how gods all loved her, the jealousy of other goddesses and her temper and how her actions were a result of her personality. How her actions also reflected how she lived and possibly because she had no parents. Paper should reflect both births. Should also have about her affairs and children. Have something about her humiliating moments such as in the "Odyssey" and "Iliad." No footers or headers. Parenthetical citations.

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Title: art

Total Pages: 2 Words: 640 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: INSTRUCTIONS:

This is an individual final writing project. You are to write a two-page essay on a work of visual art:The Marble Statue of Aphrodite. Click on the link or copy and paste, to open the link to the statue.


As always, your essay should be: an attempt to inquire about something worthy of your attention. It should not be a summary or a report. Just closely focus on some aspect of what you are writing about and try to use that feature of the work to illuminate the meaning of the whole. Essentially, I am asking you to read an image, which more or less involves the application of the same skill as for reading texts, but to a different medium. Your essay should be 600 ??" 700.

Excerpt From Essay:

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