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Title: Separation Anxiety Disorder

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  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Separation Anxiety Disorder:
Paper should include etiology and epidemiology of the diagnosis and discuss evidence based interventions that are associated with the diagnosis based on 5 journal articles.

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Works cited:

Altman, C. Sommer, J.L. McGoey, K.E. Anxiety in Early Childhood: What Do We Know? Journal of Early Childhood and Infant Psychology. Volume: 5. Publication date: Annual 2009. Page number: 157+

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Title: anxiety disorders

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  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: my topic is on anxiety disorders.i need it 4 pages of content.i need also the title page, abstract, and reference page.i need 3 references, all must be from a professional source within field/topic area, only one can be an internet source.again , i need the title page, abstarct and reference pages and 4 pages of content.must be in APA style.give proper credit to others when using their ideas or paraphrasing their ideas.abstract needs to be 75-100 words, contain running head.body must contain Subheadings/headings:conclusion,and relevant headings,contain running head and page#''s, contain cited material from sources that are documented in the paper.references must contain a running head and page#''s. did i mention APA style

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Beck, A.T., & Emery, G. (1985). Anxiety Disorders and Phobias. New York: Harper Collins.

Anxiety disorders. (1996, July-August). Public Health Reports. 111(4), 293.

Sainsbury, M. (1980). Key to Psychiatry (3rd ed.). Brookvale: ANZ.


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Title: anxiety disorders

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Part 1: 2 pages for anxiety disorders essay, write something about what the disease is, the cause, genetics, symptoms, and what age mostly affected by this disease.

Part 2: 1 separate page should be, make a care plan for that disease and must have: 1) nursing diagnosis 2) desired outcome 3) implementation.

Part 3: Another separate paper, provide a list of drugs used for treating the disease and must include, the action of the drug and at least three possible side effects.

Part 4: Another page, Provide other therapies used in that disease.

Example, Part 2- "CARE PLAN".



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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


Cooper, James W. Drugs that Cause Falls in the Nursing Home. Nursing Homes: Medquest Communications, LLC, Jan 2003.

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National Institute of Anxiety and Stress, Inc. Anxiety Statistics., 2005.

Peurifoy, Reneau. The Main Types of Anxiety Disorders. Life Skills Resources, 1999.

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Title: Separation Anxiety Disorder

  • Total Pages: 10
  • Words: 2722
  • Bibliography:10
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Research Paper on “Separation Anxiety Disorder

• 10 pages
• One resource per page (10 resources)
• Sources should be research journals, books, or reputable online sources ( No Wikipedia)
• APA Style

Possible Content:

• Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children
• Medical Facts
• Social Poison of Daycare
• Both Parents working
• Military family’s & Deployment
• Are Children with “SAD” prone to have other disorders in life

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Excerpt From Essay:


1) Osone, Akira (A); Takahashi, Saburo (S) (Sep, 2006), 'Possible link between childhood separation anxiety and adulthood personality disorder in patients with anxiety disorders in Japan.' The Journal of clinical psychiatry, vol 67 (issue 9): pp 1451-7

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Informed Study of the Association Between Childhood Separation Anxiety,

Sensitivity to CO2, Panic Disorder, and the Effect of Childhood Parental Loss',

Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2009; 66(1): 64-71.

7) Orgiles Amoros M, Espada Sanchez JP, Mendez Carrillo X. (Aug 2008), 'Separation Anxiety Disorder in a Sample of Children of Divorce', Psicothema, 20(3): 383-8

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10) Joelle Belmonte, ' Separation Anxiety and Separation Anxiety Disorder', Accessed April 14th 2009, Available at,

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