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Title: Hobbes Locke Federalis vs Anti Federalist

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Essay Instructions: Hobbes and Locke (1-2 paragraphs)

When it comes to Hobbes and Locke, there were some points that were agreed upon between the two. Specifically, "they shared the common notion that the state is something that does not naturally come into being. Rather, the state results from a conscious agreement among men to leave the so-called “state of nature” and institute “civil society” whose main characteristic is the presence of a “state” manifested through the “government”, hence the concept of a “social contract”." (Quilop, 2006). How far can we go with the "all men are created equally" notion in the context of political position and beliefs?
Quilop, R. 2006. Hobbes, Lock and Rousseau in a Comparative Perspective. Retrieved May 4, 2010 from

(1-2 paragraphs)
As you research Hobbes and Locke, you will find some very interesting interpretations of the positions maintained by Hobbes and Locke. One such interpretation is that Hobbes viewed peace as war in disguise and that every human being needed a master, whereas Locke supported the contention that people should have a say in government and should be actively involved. (Nitso, 2007). What are your thoughts?

Nitso, Rit. (2007). Hobbes and Locke, men of influence. Retrieved May 5, 2010 from

Federalist vs Anti Federalists (1-2 paragraphs)
When looking at the federalist versus anti-federalist issue, timing is everything. The debate and bifurcation really surfaced after the Constitutional Convention. Article 7 of the Constitution set forth the ratification requirements at the state level. The proponents of the Constitution took on the name of "federalists" and those who took the position that the ratification of the Constitution would result in a strong national government at the expense of state power took on the name of "anti-federalists" and the rallying began. (The Constitutional Topics, n.d.)
Constitutional topic: the federalists and the anti-federalists. (n.d.). Retrieved on May 4, 2010 from

The threaded discussion assignment operates under the assumption that there was a winner simply because of the ratification. Do you agree that there was a clear winner, from a belief standpoint?

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