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Title: An argumentative essay Hans Memling's Annunciation 1465 75 Artist's bio Artist's influence What work represent What happening painting What kind emotions work conjure What artist generate emotions What key element painting Composition Medium purpose medium The size work size work affect viewer's attitude Color space

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Essay Instructions: An argumentative essay about Hans Memling's "Annunciation" (1465-75).

-Artist's bio
-Artist's influence
-What does the work represent?
-What is happening in the painting?
-What kind of emotions does the work conjure?
(What has the artist done to generate those emotions?)
-What is the key element in the painting?
-Medium used (the purpose of the medium)
-The size of the work (how does the size of the work might affect viewer's attitude)
-Color and space
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Title: History of Western Art

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Essay Instructions: The project will involve writing a stylistic comparison of two works. Please choose one pair of works from the options below:

Option 1. Compare Fra Angelico’s Annunciation (page 613, figure 19-20) with Robert Campin’s Merode Altarpiece (page 572, figure 18-9)

Option 2. Compare Donatello’s David (page 604, figure 19-10) with Michelangelo’s David (page 642, figure 20-10)

Option 3. Compare Masaccio’s Trinity with the Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist and Donors (page 610, figure 19-16) with Rogier van der Weyden’s Deposition (page 578, figure 18-13).

Use the following outline to organize your paper.

1.Introduce the artworks to the reader by providing the artist, title, date, period, the medium, present location and a brief description of the subject of each.

2.Stylistic qualities
stylistic similarities of the two artworks
stylistic differences between the two artworks (Here you have to differentiate between subject and style, and just concentrate on the stylistic qualities. Adjectives help, as well as a lot of description of details so that the reader sees what you see.)

3.Conclude by describing how each artwork is representative of its artist and artistic culture. How does the style reflect the artist and his time period? Who commissioned the work? What was its purpose? Where was it displayed? These things, if we know them, help to place each work in its historic context.

Work from the readings and the module narratives. You may do outside research, if you choose to look into outside sources, please include them in a bibliography. Primarily, this assignment is meant to exercise your eye for style, and to synthesize, in your own mind, some of the things we cover this term. Please don’t turn it into a major research project or the purpose of the paper will be lost.

Think in terms of a 900 word essay, double-spaced essay using Arial 12 point font in APA format.

Book used for this project:
Stokstad, M. (2011). Art History, vol. 2, 4th edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. ISBN# 10:0, ISBN# 13:9784

Excerpt From Essay:

Donatello's David. (n.d.). Oneonta. Retrieved from:

Michael Angelo's David. (n.d.). Italy Guides. Retrieved from:

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Title: Exegesis Luke

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Essay Instructions: Please choose whatever scripture listed below the writer finds most intresting for this exegesis. The number of sourse material does not have to be 10 but should be between 7 and 10. Thank you.

Exegetical Paper. Write a paper to interpret one of the passages listed below. The paper should be 10-12 pages in length, and should explore the text in as much scholarly detail as the parameters of the assignment permit. Interpret the text in terms of its language, its literary dimensions, its relation to immediate and larger context, its historical/social dimensions, and its theology. It is not necessary to structure the paper along these lines; they are simply elements of approach that should be integrated into the paper. Do NOT include a general introduction to Luke’s Gospel. In addition to the commentary by Luke Timothy Johnson, you should consult at least three other good commentaries. The use of additional sources ??" e.g., monographs, journal articles, a good Bible dictionary ??" would also be advisable.
Please write your paper on one of the following texts, chosen for their manageable length and their richness in distinctively Lucan themes.

1:26-38 The Annunciation 13:1-9 Two disasters and a fig tree
1:46-56 Mary’s song 13:10-17 The stooped woman
2:1-7 Birth of Jesus 15:1-7 Lost sheep
2:8-20 The shepherds and angels 15:8-10 Lost coin
2:22-28 Presentation at the temple 16:1-9 Shrewd manager
4:16-30 Preaching in Nazareth 16:19-31 Rich man and Lazarus
5:1-11 The call of Peter 17:11-19 Ten lepers
6:20-26 Blessings and woes 18:1-8 Persistent widow
7:11-17 The widow of Nain 18:10-14 Pharisee and tax collector
7:36-50 The forgiven woman 19:1-10 Zacchaeus
10:1-12 Sending of the 70 23:6-12 Jesus before Herod
10:38-42 Mary and Martha 23:39-43 The other crucified men
11:5-8 The friend at midnight 24:36-49 Appearance to disciples
12:16-21 The rich fool
Excerpt From Essay:

Publishing, 2002. Print. If Johnson, Luke Timothy and Harrington, Daniel J. (ed.) Collegeville MN

Stacy, R. Wayne. "Luke 12:13-21: The Parable of the Rich Foo" 1997. Faculty Publications

and Presentations. Paper 321. .

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Title: Write a paper comparing contrasting Benedictine Values principles ethics sets virtue ethics The book I Business Ethics Concepts Cases Manuel C Velasquez Below information Benedictine Values Benedictine educations concern individual differences shows life a technique mastered a set rules follow art living people

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper comparing and contrasting the six Benedictine Values with the four principles of ethics and the two sets of virtue ethics. The book that I am using is the Business Ethics Concepts and Cases by Manuel C. Velasquez.

Below is information on the Benedictine Values:
?Benedictine education?s concern for the individual differences shows that life is not merely a technique to be mastered, a set of rules to follow, but is an art of living with people. This inevitably involves the unexpected, and many surprises. Rather than fearing or being upset by the unexpected, we must teach students to take all the strands that come into their lives, including the somber, and to weave them into something beautiful. In this way, the values of the Rule of Benedict can create a space where people can flourish.? Placid Solari, O.S.B., 1992

From the rich Benedictine heritage infused into the University of Mary by its founders (the Sisters of Annunciation Monastery), the University of Mary has selected the following six values for special emphasis. These values have been the focus of a reflective process initiated in 1989 and continually renewed to address how values influence our learning community.

?The hospitable place is the friendly, empty space offered for the other to enter and both ?host? and ?guest? profit from the meeting. It is the space where the community meets and offers the gift of the present moment and the opportunity to celebrate the thousand ways God sustains and cares for usus.? Susan Lardy, O.S.B., August 17, 1989

?Respect is giving the other full attention. The Rule of Benedict recognizes individual differences and respects the fact that each person has a right to grow in holiness and wholeness at their speed, in their own way.? Terrence Kardong, O.S.B., August 23, 1990

?The opposite of excess is balance, a measuredness we can bring to our personal and professional lives. Moderation reflects our beliefs as Benedictines that life is integrative.?
Valerian Odermann, O.S.B., August 22, 1991

?Community that is life giving, that fosters human growth, that enables individuals to meet the challenges of life and that binds usus together in peace, love and mutual support is community that is deliberate, demands care and effort and, I believe, prayer and sacrifice because it is, when all is and done, a divine gift, it is grace.? Patrick Moore, O.S.B., August 20, 1992

?God made usus to serve, to be servants, and God is our model. It is in serving rather than being served that one actualizes potential. It is especially in community that most of usus achieve what we?d never dreamed of doing on our own.? Mary Elizabeth Mason, O.S.B., August 19, 1993

?Prayer is a way of seeing a divine dimension beyond the daily surface of life, seeing life as God?s affair as well as our own. Prayer is our response to God and opens usus to a new way of seeing.? Ruth Fox, O.S.B., August 18, 1994
Excerpt From Essay:

British Psychological Society (BPS). (2009). Code of ethics. Retrieved from .pdf

Stanford University. (2007). Virtue ethics. Retrieved from

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