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Title: animal rights

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Essay Instructions: I will fax you info on how I need the research done. I need it on animal rights/animal experimentation.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Animal Rights

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Essay Instructions: I will need a Persuasive Essay on Animals Rights. My thesis statement is: Most people in the United States never stop to think about Animal Rights. The Resources that need to be in this paper are from,, and and any other sites that you may happen to find. This must be in APA format and have correct grammar and must be edit properly.
The paper must contain citations and APA information.

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Title: PRO on captivity of animal for Entertainment and research

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A polished essay of at least 2,000 words (typed, double-spaced) that uses
the opinions and evidence of experts in their field to persuade others to adopt
your position on a debatable issue. This assignment asks you to locate the
opinions of experts, understand the perspectives that influence their opinions,
synthesize their reasons and evidence as support for your own argument to
persuade, refute opposing views. By "experts" I mean those with established
expertise in their field, not journalists in daily or weekly news media.

Your audience is one that opposes you on this very specific reasons.
(PRO on Captivity of Animals for Entertainment Purpose-i.e., Zoo, Aquarium, Research for knowledge,etc.)

Be sure to use ethos and pathos strategies resourcefully and responsibly??"do not just build a purely rational argument (logos). Be sure to use the standard form
and self-announcing structure; follow the advice about the introduction;
summarize and refute opposing views; present evidence and reasons well; use
expert testimony. Use strategies that build a good case without logical
fallacies (logos), that appeal to your readers' values and feelings without
being too manipulative (pathos), and that develop an image of yourself as
credible and benevolent (ethos). Remember that people with opposing views are
also decent and intelligent. Be sure to refute the opposing view without
alienating readers.

Five reliable sources. Use proper MLA or APA citation.
Use strategies of persuasive arguments (ethos, pathos, and logos) to
persuade readers to adopt your position on a debatable issue.

Locating and evaluating potential sources of information.
Supporting your position by using and citing the opinions and evidence of
expert authorities. Understanding how and why both sides in a dispute disagree.

Responding effectively to opposing points of view.

(In addition to other sources, please use below other sources for info on Essay.)

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. (n.d.). Animals in the Wild. Retrieved March 19, 2009, from Canadian Federation of Humane Societies:

Cowles-Hamar, D. (n.d.). ANIMALS FOR ENTERTAINMENT. Retrieved March 19, 2009, from

Stephen St. C. Bostock. Zoos and Animal Rights: The Ethics of Keeping Animals. London: Routledge, 1993

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Title: For Animal Rights

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I.Derive logical outlines of the claims, reasons and support
from the various arguments that you have read and are
going to incorporate into your paper.

II.Evaluate the various positions and choose the side that
you believe is the most reasonable. Then, develop a
logical outline of the claim, reasons, and support for
your position.

two formulas for arguments, one for a ?advocacy? (pro)
argument where you are advocating a policy or action,
and another for a rebuttal (con) argument.

1.INTRODUCTION: Opening paragraph ? briefly state what the
debate is about, what the various sides argue, and your
conclusion. For example:

In the debate over __________, the supporters argue that______________because ______________. On the other side of the debate, the opponents argue that _____________ because ________. In this paper, I will argue that ________.

-Do not site authors here; you are generalizing about the
various positions.
-If you need to present any definitions or context relative
to the issue do that after the introduction and before the
main body of the paper.

II.BODY: most of you will have three parts to your paper.

A. If you are writing an ?advocacy? paper, in the first part
you will argue for the policy or action that you want the
reader to agree with. In the second part you will
address your opposition's arguments. In the third part
you will show why or how your position can still stand up
to the opposition.

In the article entitled, ?_______,? Jane Doe argues

B. If you are writing a ?rebuttal? paper, in the first part
you will present a summary of the proponent's arguments.
Second, you will present the arguments against that
position. In the final part you will argue why the
proponent's arguments do not successfully address the

* Your paper will be based on the article that you will
read. For this paper, you are to go for "Animal Rights"

Title of Article: "The Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Issues" By: Peter Singer.

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