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Title: Animal Research

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Essay Instructions: Below are statements in regards to the necessity and ethical treatment of animals used for medical research. Create a thesis based on the comments. Please incorporate this new thesis into the main themes and arguments in the attached paper. This new thesis needs to become the main thesis for the paper.

Animal research is a necessity today. It has afforded us the opportunity to create lifesaving drugs and vaccines, new surgical procedures and improved diagnosis of disease. Despite the bad press animal activists have given, institutions are given guidelines that guarantee the safe and ethical treatment of research animals.

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Cohen, Carl. "The Case for the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research."

De Deyn, Peter Paul and Debby Van Dam. "General Introduction of Animal Models of Human Conditions." Animal Models of Dementia. Neuromethods, 48(1): 3-13.

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Watson, Stephanie. Animal Testing: Issues and Ethics. Rosen Publishing Group, 2009.

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Title: Animal Research and experimentation

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Essay Instructions: Ouestion:

How do you feel about animal research and experimentation in psychology? When, if ever, do you think that animal research is justified? Do you approve of current regulations concerning it? Why or why not

Professor is requesting a minimum of 130-145 word in length and sources preferably from the internet.

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Works Cited

Croce, Phillip. (1991) Vivisection or Science: a choice to make. Text available 1 Feb 2005 at online

Rowan, Andrew N. (2005) "Animal experimentation." World Book Online Reference Center. Retrieved 1 Feb 2005 at .

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Title: use of animals for research argument

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Essay Instructions: introduction
definitions of the issue
ur reasons and evidence
objections or questions and answers to both

I am against animal research..

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Carbone, Larry. What Animals Want: Expertise and Advocacy in Laboratory Animal Welfare Policy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.

DeGrazia, David. Animal Rights: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 2002.

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Title: Animal Rights in Labortoary Experiments

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Essay Instructions: Thesis Statement : Animals should be given respect. To hurt, cause pain, and even kill animals during laboratory experiments is ethically wrong and should be stopped.

Animal rights activists all agree that just as humans have no right to own or use a fellow human being (such as slavery), then so too do humans have no right to own or use an animal. - Herbert M. Levine Page 6 (Paraphased)

Scientists use millions of animals every year. About 14 million to 100 million. Among these animals are rats, mice, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and primates . Animals are used in science mostly in three ways : in research and medication, education, and product safety testing. - Herbert M. Levine Page 13 (summarized)

?Animal research is unethical, barbaric, and unnecessary. ? - Herbert M. Levine Page 25

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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