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Title: Animals commuications

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Essay Instructions: This is Linguistics research paper on animal communications. Material should include, the ways that animals communicate with one another, and what is the significance of it. and maybe include some other facts about animal communications

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Title: Animal Communication

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Essay Instructions: This essay is about animal communication and it should answer below quesiton.

- Marler (1955)identified some important acoustic differences between alarm calls and mobbing calls in song birds. Waht were these differences, and how did marler link these properties to the different functions that these calls serve?
Please organize your answer in terms of Niko Tinbergen's four questions: 1. Mechanism (How is it work?)
2. Function (What is it do for?)
3. Ontogeny (How does it developed?)
4. Phylogeny (How does it developed in many other generation?)

You must do some research on Marler and find out as much as informations you can find to answer the question correctly.

Thank you.

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

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Title: human language

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following 2 quetions in essay form.

SOURCE: Yule, George. "The Study of Language." Second edition. Cambridge University Press, 1996

1. (Chapter 3)Using these six defining properties of human language (displacement, arbitrariness, productivity, cultural, transmission, discreteness, duality)discuss how human language differs from animal communication.

2. (Chapter 17)How does the process of acquiring a native language and the process of learning a foreign language differ?

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Excerpt From Essay:

Work Cited

Yule, George. "The Study of Language." Second edition. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996

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