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Title: Literature

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Essay Instructions: (on the two parts of the play Angels in America by Tony Kushner)
Using both parts of the play trace the metaphorical signifigance of ''angels'' in the play. i.e How do you interpret the phrase Angels in America at various places in the play and what in the end is the playwright using the term ''angel'' to get across to the reader. (You need not address every instance in which angels are spoken of in the play) How is he addressing the readers of his time and how is he addressing us as Americans today? Another way of putting the same question: You need to develop a thesis about the author''s view of angels-you will argue what the author''s view of angels is ( quite possibly a changing one) ways to do this--what kind of angel is the author saying is in America and/or is needed in America? What is meant by ''angel'' in the play both literally and metaphorically throughout the play. You may do this by focusing on one character more then another --on Prior, Louis or Belize though in all liklihood you will have to bring in other character''s views as a contrast to show clearly the character your focusing on views.

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Title: AIDS gay couples

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Essay Instructions: this paper is about the novel angels in america. please note, only the first part is to be used, and the source should only be from that said novel only. Angels in America part one millennium approaches by Tony Kushner. only this source should be used. thanks for understanding.

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Title: protest

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Essay Instructions: a 2-3 research paper on the book Angels in America Part One by Tony Kushner. the only sources that should be used, is the book ANGELS in America by Tony Kushner. thank you for your support.

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: This is a dramatical critical essay of TOny Kushner''s play Angels in America. It is to be 4 pages.
Compare and contrast the relationship between Joe and Harper and the relationship between Lewis and Prior. THis should be argumentative and specific, include at least tow quotes per body paragraph from the play. Do not use outside commentary, this is a critique based on the play and what is only in the text.

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