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Title: Ancient Greeks

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Essay Instructions: These are my instructors directions... Imagine yourself as an Ancient Greek "Everyman", a composite of a typical Athenian citizen c.500-400 B.C., (include the Hebrews). Generally describe and then give examples of your culture's Political and Philosophical traits. As a Conclusion, writing as yourself, describe and give examples of some of these traits in Modern American Culture. The sources that must be cited are FOUR from the Perry Primary Source Reader (the textbook) for the class and TWO from a NONPERRY book.
Dounle Spaced One inch margins. I will scan and emailemail the Greek section of the Perry book for my 4 cited sources.
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Athenian Daily Life. Retrieved October 17, 2005 from:

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Title: Ancient Greek Literature

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Essay Instructions: Teh relationship between ancient Greek death rietes or burial rites and ancient Greek literature.
Explain the Ancient Greek burial and death rites especially for warriors. Example King Leonidas of Sparta is killed at the battle of Thermopylae in the Greco persian war. His men fought savagely for his body.
there are numerous examples throughout Greek literature. In the Iliad, the ransoming of Hectors body. In the Odyssey or if it is in Agamemnon, Electra. or where ever else it is present.
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Title: Ancient Greek History

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Essay Instructions: There are four essay questions.

Think of the points that you would want to make if that question appeared on an exam.

Be as highly analytical as possible in addressing the final exam questions and provide sufficient detail to support your answer.

Use foot or endnotes as appropriate.

Here are the four exam questions:

Question 1
Was there a distinct Greek way in warfare?

Question 2
What were the essential dynamics of the various forms of city-state constitutions?

Question 3

Choose three aspects of the Greek cultural/artistic tradition and analyze each.

Question 4

What were the essential contributions of Ancient Greek Civilization to the evolving Western Civilization?

Excerpt From Essay:

"Ancient Greek Philosophy." Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. / (accessed April 21, 2013).

"Culture and Society." Ancient Greece. / (accessed April 19, 2013).

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Title: Odyssey and Ancient Greeks

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Essay Instructions: We will pay $125.00 for the completion of this order.

This is the exact assignment given by the teacher:

The tale of Odysseus’s travels and travail has become one of the enduring classics of the Western tradition as well as an endearing symbol of the achievements of the ancient Greeks. Using at least two different primary source selections from Classics of Western Thought, discuss how the themes and events of the Odyssey reflect and highlight the spirit of ancient Greek society. Your discussion should reference some relevant aspects of Greek customary beliefs, social forms, and or material traits as developed in class and in the reading. Be sure to identify and discuss specific examples from the source material to support your analysis. Also, the use of one research book, not including the textbook, must be used to complete this critical analysis assignment.

I have the Classic of Western thoughts book and all it is is a collection of classics from Greek history such as the Iliad, Oedipus the King, The Laws and Customs of the Spartans,stories by Plato and Aristotle, and stuff from the Bible new and old testament. So if you could use any 2 examples from any of those Greek works to tie in together themes from the Odyssey that would be great.

Also, we don't need a works cited page, I just need one other source that was used besides for the book that I have and I dont need any quotes or footnotes just two examples from the book maybe cited so I can tell that they are from the book.

If you have any further questions please e-mail me but this paper is due tomorrow and I am freaking out because I have no idea what to write. Thank You
Heres some notes from class that will help: (they might not make sense but it will give u an idea of what we learned in class because he wants usus to apply it in the essay)

Greek Colonization
The golden mean-temperance-everything in moderation (within reason)

Customary Beliefs of the Greeks (This is important)-liberty,rationalism,wisdom,motivation,naturalism, optimism, civic duty, contest and competition, personal excellence.

Wisdom-"The good life is one governed by logic and reason"-aristotle

Material Traits-rocky terrain,hills and valleys, peninsula,small isolated plains, fun natural resources, grapes, olives, goat

Social forms-democratic polis, citizen phalanx, peninsula, small isolated plains, theater, agora (marketplace)

Also according to Herodotus what seperated the Greeks from the Persians and ultimately gave them victory was:
"our common knowledge (i.e. material traits)
The altars and sacrifices in which we all partake (i.e. social forms)
The common character that we bear (i.e. customary beliefs"- Herodotus
Excerpt From Essay:

One special dramatic festival was devoted to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, and featured what were known as satyr plays, so-called because the actors portrayed half-human, half-animal roles, often in the form of a goat. The term tragedy is derived from the words "goat" and "song" and refers to plays with plots involving fierce conflicts and characters which symbolized powerful human and divine forces. Certainly, Homer's Odyssey could be viewed as one of these types of plays, due to the conflicts encountered by Odysseus on his way home to Ithaca and the will of the gods who often attempted to complicate his journeys through sorcery and magic, such as Odysseus and his troubles with Circe, the beautiful female witch that turned his men into pigs as a form of punishment.

A the ultimate example of a democratic social system with freedom, personal responsibilities and moral direction. However, although Odysseus the man was not without his faults and failures, he does symbolize the true Greek hero and citizen elite, due to his unfaltering goal to return home to his wife Penelope and to bring peace and tranquillity to Ithaca.

Connolly, Peter. The Ancient Greece of Odysseus. UK: Oxford University Press, 2003.

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