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Title: Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman

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Essay Instructions: What are the similarities and differences between Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman art? Use specific examples to support your answer.

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Title: Ancient Greeks

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Essay Instructions: These are my instructors directions... Imagine yourself as an Ancient Greek "Everyman", a composite of a typical Athenian citizen c.500-400 B.C., (include the Hebrews). Generally describe and then give examples of your culture's Political and Philosophical traits. As a Conclusion, writing as yourself, describe and give examples of some of these traits in Modern American Culture. The sources that must be cited are FOUR from the Perry Primary Source Reader (the textbook) for the class and TWO from a NONPERRY book.
Dounle Spaced One inch margins. I will scan and email the Greek section of the Perry book for my 4 cited sources.

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Title: Ancient Greek Literature

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Essay Instructions: Teh relationship between ancient Greek death rietes or burial rites and ancient Greek literature.
Explain the Ancient Greek burial and death rites especially for warriors. Example King Leonidas of Sparta is killed at the battle of Thermopylae in the Greco persian war. His men fought savagely for his body.
there are numerous examples throughout Greek literature. In the Iliad, the ransoming of Hectors body. In the Odyssey or if it is in Agamemnon, Electra. or where ever else it is present.

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Title: Ancient Greek History

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Essay Instructions: There are four essay questions.

Think of the points that you would want to make if that question appeared on an exam.

Be as highly analytical as possible in addressing the final exam questions and provide sufficient detail to support your answer.

Use foot or endnotes as appropriate.

Here are the four exam questions:

Question 1
Was there a distinct Greek way in warfare?

Question 2
What were the essential dynamics of the various forms of city-state constitutions?

Question 3

Choose three aspects of the Greek cultural/artistic tradition and analyze each.

Question 4

What were the essential contributions of Ancient Greek Civilization to the evolving Western Civilization?


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