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Title: analogy

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Essay Instructions: Historical Analogy
The instructions below should give you an idea of what the skeleton of a historical analogy essay might look like:
You would write a brief introduction that states your thesis (central idea, whatever - however you learned it) and previews how your essay will be constructed:
You would then tie it all together with a well-written conclusion.
So, the idea is to compare/contrast
two historical events/issues from the same era, or
one historical event/issue from one era with a similar historical event/issue from another era, or
a current event with a historical event we have read about or discussed.
Thus, Historical Analogy assignment is essentially an essay discussing and analyzing what you have learned in a way that makes history meaningful to us in 2004.
Analogies should be a minimum length of 4 double spaced pages. REMEMBER, this is the minimum.
Be sure to cite any sources that you use! This is a must! Use the APA style and format.

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Title: inductive deductive argument analogy

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Essay Instructions: Find 15 examples of argument by analogy that occur in daily life on the news or in your workplace. Record both the Analysis and Arguement. After recording them analyze each to determine the following 1. If it is in fact persuasive and why the arguement is or is not persuasive (perhaps it is more of an explanation than an arguement)
2.tell whether the conclusion is supported by the premises and whether the major premise is supported inductively (assess the varying degree of strength of support for each.
Below is an example of a strong arguement and analysis:
Arguement: The Pen is like the sword since both can be dangerous so both should be regulated by law.

Analysis: All things that are dangerous should be regulated by law a writers pen can be dangerous; therefore a writers pen should be regulated by law. The major premise is supported by the case of the sword, which can be seen as a metaphor for any significant weapon, guns, eplosives, etc. The regulation of object for safety resons is a complex issue--many would disagree that things like swords and guns should be regulated at all. On the assumption that they should be the analogical argument that extends to the words of the suthor here introduces a host of other issues,. concerns about infringing on free speech and censorship that stifles the good as well as the bad. This is a weak argument. There are too many significant differences between a sword and a pen. The sword's primary purpose is as a weapon; the pen's is the communication of ideas (good or bad. A sword or a gun can cause immediate physical harm. while a pen only indirectly causes harm if the ideas of the writer are acted upon. on the whole the argument is a weak one.
after finding 15 examples of arguments by analogy occuring in daily life. The other 10 analogy arugument needs to be aruguments of statistics that occur in every day life. of the five different types of statistical arguments(Total, Ratio, Frequency,Distribution, average)ensure that you have tow examples of each. Analyze each argument for its persuasiveness. If applicable, determine if there is a correlation in each example and if so does it indicate causality? Finally in one sentence give a clear determination why or why not the argument is strengthened or weakened by the use of statistics.

Please feel free to use newspaper articles, book reference, magazine or any source of information for your analysis statements.

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Title: Analogy of the OSI Model

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Essay Instructions: Directions: Search the Internet for “James Bond Meets The 7 Layer OSI Model”. After reading the analogy, create an analogy of your own regarding the OSI Model.

This paper needs adhere to APA style standards including the following: Double space, 1” margins, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, title page, in text citation of references, and a reference page.

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Title: Philosophy

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Essay Instructions: Explain Plato''s Analogy of the Cave that is developed in the beginning of Bk 7 in the Republic.
1- What are the condition of the people in it? What does this represent about our world?
2- What are the different levels of reality depicted in this analogy?
3- What is the way of escape and what does this represent?
4- What parallel can you see between Plato''s cave and the modern world?

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