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Title: Case Study of Cedar Point Amusement Park

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2447 References: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I will also attach these additional specifications to the order

Case Study: Local Environmental History

The Location I have chosen is: Cedar Point Amusement Park located in Sandusky Ohio. I have goggle searched Cedar Point Amusement Park and located many primary and secondary resources. Please see the paper details below for the paper.

This project is designed to give you an opportunity to do environmental history. You are to choose a location, somewhere you know well from your hometown or travel, and examine human-nature interaction (I choose Cedar Point Amusement Park located in Sandusky Ohio). Because this is a relatively short paper, be sure to select a place that is small enough to interrogate fully (it is better to discuss a few aspects well than many aspects superficially). Your task is to write a description or tell a story that will explain to the reader how this place came to have the shape and qualities it has today. This is an exercise in historical, geographical, and environmental interpretation.

Remember that the most important aspect of this assignment is for you to have an experience trying to “read” an actual landscape. What I’m looking for is that you take a long, careful look at the place and try to see it with unfamiliar eyes, taking nothing for granted but looking at everything you see there as if you’d never seen it before. Then ask how the things you see might have come to be there. (This assignment may go better and be more fun if you imagine that you’re a visitor from outer space who’s just landed and is trying to make sense of all the strange things you see around you: why on earth do people live this way? How did the lives of earlier inhabitants leave traces that can still be seen?) The trick is to ask as many questions as you can about landscapes you ordinarily take for granted. The most important goal of this assignment is to look at a place, ask questions about it, and think about its past with reference to the historical and geographical trend.

Although this is not primarily a paper based on written documents??"I really do want you to have the experience of trying to read an actual landscape??"I do expect you to track down at least a few documents that will help you understand the changing landscape of your chosen place. For instance, looking at old photographs can be wonderfully suggestive about how your place has changed in the past. (NOTE: You will need to cite at least five primary and five secondary sources in your paper.)
• Look at a series of maps of your chosen place to see how it has changed over time. Aerial photographs might also be very suggestive if they’re available. Many may be found in:
o Google Earth
o ArcGIS (free software download) maps:
o US Geological Survey images and maps
• If you've chosen an urban place, check out the amazing collection of bird's-eye views, most published during the nineteenth century, that have been digitized on the Library of Congress's American Memory website. The URL for these is: ` . Check under "Cities and Towns" and search for the place about which you're writing, but don't hesitate to explore other parts of the website as well. The American Memory website is an extraordinary source for digital documents: photos, maps, texts, almost anything you can think of.
• Track the changing population of the place in the census, agricultural reports, and township records.
• If you’re studying an urban area, look at old city directories, which often list the residents and businesses of a community not just alphabetically but according to their street address. A directory enables you almost literally to walk down the same street in the past that you’ve walked down in the present, seeing how the people and businesses have changed in the interval.
• Look at old county atlases or histories for your place. These were published for many counties in the Midwest primarily in the 1870s through the 1890s, so can give you lots of interesting information about your place during the nineteenth century.
• And of course: talk with people who have lived in your place for a long time.

Your goal is to offer an original interpretation of your chosen landscape based on your own observations and research. I will evaluate your work using the following criteria:

STRUCTURE: Begin your paper by introducing the reader to your place, and by orienting the reader to the major questions and interpretive approaches you intend to use for understanding it. It's fine to start with an anecdote or a description of the place if you think that's the best way to proceed, but be sure to clarify early in the paper the main themes you'll be addressing. Following your introduction, build your essay as a series of well-structured paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, and usually 3 to 5 additional sentences that clearly support that topic sentence. Each paragraph should explain one major idea, not 3 or 4. Each paragraph should have a clear connection to the next. Pay attention to transitions! End with a strong conclusion that tells readers what they've learned about your place and why they should care about the interpretation you're offering of its history.

ANALYSIS: Why should the reader believe you? What arguments for and against your thesis make sense? How can you disprove counter-arguments, or account for evidence that seems to contradict your thesis? Your analysis should offer new ways to think of the material. All ideas in the paper should flow logically. Your argument should be identifiable, reasonable, and sound. Support your thesis with arguments based on evidence from your chosen landscape and from the primary and secondary sources you've researched. All sources should be clearly and accurately identified in footnotes or endnotes using a consistent citation format from a manual such as Kate L. Turabian's Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, itself based on the classic Chicago Manual of Style, which has recently been published in a new edition that pays much more attention to Internet resources and forms of citation.

STYLE: I will reward clear, active, powerful writing. PLEASE do not use the passive voice. Do not start sentences with "It is....", "There is..." or "There are...." Use active verbs. Revise your paper to remove wordiness, redundancy, passive voice, vagueness, and inactive verbs. Make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct. Careless errors, especially run-ons and comma splices, WILL lower your grade.

ORIGINALITY: An “A” paper is one that develops original insights and arguments. I strongly encourage you to think for yourselves about the place you've chosen, giving evidence from course materials and readings, but pushing your insights based on your own observations and research.

Your case study should be:
1. No less than six and no more than eight pages in length with standard margins.
2. Double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font.
3. Include a bibliography and appendices with relevant geospatial and historical data (maps, charts,
pictures, etc). Does not count in number of pages written
4. You must cite at least five primary sources and five secondary sources in your paper.
5. All sources should be clearly and accurately identified in footnotes or endnotes using a consistent citation format from a manual such as Kate L. Turabian's Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, itself based on the classic Chicago Manual of Style, which has recently been published in a new edition that pays much more attention to Internet resources and forms of citation.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Amusement Parks

Total Pages: 1 Words: 369 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Persuasive Essay

Topic: The board of directors are planing to construct an amusement parks in Arizona. Your job is to persuave the board of directors why they should built one. And make sure to state the benifits from building it. The essay should be effective and be able to persuave the board of director.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The Reference to be used:
A memorable trip to a historic site, museum, amusement park, etc
Realizing my fear of heights
Feeling like a "grown up"
Feeling hot and miserable
Being wet and uncomfortable from the water park
The long trip to Virginia from new York
Falling asleep on the way back with my siblings snoring

Who - Myself, parents, and siblings going to the amusement park for the first time.
What - Remembering the experience of traveling, the rides, and feeling as if it was my next big thing to do since going off to school in Massachusetts.
Where - Bush Gardens in Virginia
When - Summer vacation of my junior year in high school
Why - Going on family vacation was a way for our family to spend time together since I went to school in Massachusetts
How - We were able to go on the vacation by me going down to NY and taking a road to Virginia.

Free writing
going to bush gardens in Virginia with my family that summer was the best time in had in a long time. I was able to go to an amusement park which allowed me to explore different things i had not before. Prior to i have not been. I don't know why. Odd that a 16 year old was going to amusement park for the first time. I think it was because of the fact that we lived in a the city. No amusement parks around us. family time was good for us. we learned a lot about each other during that time,

Thesis: The time I spent with my family going to a theme park for the first time was a stepping stone in my growing up process.

The actual Assignment:Using your thesis statement developed in the Unit 1DB, write a short (1-2 pages) narrative essay about the topic you have selected. The essay should be based on your ideas and opinions and supported by your own knowledge and experiences. IMPORTANT: Please follow the guidelines outlined for the narrative pattern of development in the chapter of your textbook on writing this type of essay. Use the information in the chapter to outline your essay and include this outline with your essay submission.
The narrative essay should present your personal point of view of a topic and offer support in defense of your position. The goal of the narrative essay is to tell a story. However, this story makes a point and presents a series of events in an organized manner.

The essay should be original and written in Standard English. In writing your essay, avoid jargon or colloquial language, unless it is used in dialogue to enhance your essay and to point out a manner of speaking. If you choose to use dialogue, use the proper method to distinguish dialogue with punctuation marks.

In addition, maintain effective grammar, syntax, organization, and style as you write. You may use first or third person perspective to tell your story.

Following the narrative pattern of development outlined in your textbook, your paper should contain:

an introduction paragraph (place your thesis statement at the end of this paragraph)
body paragraphs (each body paragraph should present and discuss a point that supports your thesis statement)
conclusion paragraph

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Disneyland The Fading Premise of Reality in a Postmodern Society

Total Pages: 13 Words: 4481 Sources: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Introduction: 2 pages
Body: 10 pages
Conclusion: 1 page

Topic: Disneyland: The Fading Premise of Reality in a Postmodern Society.
(This topic is my primary selection. But you can change this that best fit/present your written research)

Key Terms:
Hyperreality, simulation, simulacrum, representation, postmodernism, identity (you can add 2/3 key terms if you like. I have uploaded a few research paper that are done previously by the seniors for your better understanding)

Find an additional location to Disneyland and compare and contrast the two in terms of simulacra, representation, hyperreality, simulation, identity ... ...You have to look for a location that could offer interesting points of discussion. It does not have to be a theme park, but it could be. you have ask and answer better questions. Find a few key postmodern concepts related to simulacra and discuss these with reference to your location and Disneyland. You can ask how postmodern identity is reinforced by another location and then see if it is similar to Baudriallrdâ??s claims, or not. Focus the essay to include an additional `theme park` besides Disneyland to discuss in the essay. you can discuss both parks in the essay, but you must find one that is somewhat different from Disneyland, so you may compare and contrast and draw a relevant conclusion.
Consider the notion of the amusement park. There are amusement parks all over the world that draw from different concepts of the hyperreal, and cultural specific notions of fantasy and escape. To locals these places may be the â??happiest place on earth,â?? whereas Disneyland may be viewed as a cheap knock-off of Americanism. Perhaps consider the Soui Tien amusement park in Viet Nam with its Buddhist themes featuring a ride that takes you through `the torments of hell`
Or, BonBonLand â?? an amusement park in Denmark owned by a candy manufacturer. The park includes some rather strange rides including a rollercoaster called `dogfart switchback`, as well as some rather risqué themed rides. You can find some photos here:
The hyperreal is not a universal concept that has to rely upon Disneyland. Expand upon the Baudrillardian notions.

(In research paper it should have 2 Primary sources and 8-10 secondary sources (MLA format). I have mentioned a few sources below for your consideration. I have marked blue coloured sources as primary sources. Baudrillard simulation and simulacrum have to remain one of the primary sources but you can change the other blue coloured primary reference if you like. You can change a few secondary sources to a new source but please avoid unreliable sources, such as Wikipedia. Try to take secondary sources from article, journalâ?¦ etc.)

Auslander, Phillip (1999)Liveness; Performance in a Mediatized Culture, New York, Routledge.

Baudrillard (1983) Simulations, New York, Semiotext

Baudrillard, simulacra and Simulations.

Boyer, M. (1996) Cybercities: Visual Perception in the Age of Electronic Communication, New York: Princeton Architectural Press

Debord, Guy. (1995) The Society of the Spectacle, Donald Nicholson-Smith, translater, New York, Zone Books

Denzin Norman K., (1996). `Sociology at the End of the Century.` The Sociological Quarterly 37(4): 743-752.

Eco, Umberto. Travels in Hyperreality. New York: Salem Press, 1990.
Ewen, S. (1988). All consuming images: The Politics Of Style And Contemporary Culture. New York: Basic Books.

Fjellman, Stephen M. (1992) Vinyl Leaves: Walt Disney World & America. Westview Press.

Hall, Stuart (1996) `Who Needs Identity?` Questions of Cultural Identity. Eds. Stuart Hall, Paul du Gay. London; Thousand Oaks, California: Sage, pp. 1 -17.

Hannigan, John. (1998) Fantasy City: Pleasure and profit in the postmodern metropolis. London: Routledge.

Hickey, Dave (1997) Air Guitar Essays on Art and Democracy, Los Angeles, Art Issues Press

McCannell,D. (1989) The Tourist: A New Theory Of The Leisure Class, New York , Schoken, Revised Edition

Wilson, Alexander (1994) The Betrayal of the Future; Walt Disneyâ??s Epcot Center Disney Discourse Producing the Magic Kingdom, Eric Smoodin, ed., London, Routledge

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