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Instructions for Americans With Disabilities Act College Essay Examples

Title: Americans with Disabilities Act

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Essay Instructions: Americans with Disabilities Act

A second-year student at State College is majoring in music and uses a wheelchair to get around. Since he has been at State College he has been unable to use the music building on campus because it has really tall steps and no ramps. He has had others carry him into the building at times to use the facilities but considers this to be a hassle and detrimental to his music studies. State College counters that due to the age (200 years) and historical architectural significance of the building it would cost over $1 million to add ramps to make the building ADA compliant.

The components of a legal decision must include the following.

Factual Summary: Provide a succinct and accurate description of the scenario at hand. Summarize the scenario to include all relevant facts.

Issue: Restate or summarize the question. What is the legal question(s) that you are going to answer?

Legal Concept(s): Identify and discuss one or more legal concepts when exploring the problem at hand. Define the legal concept(s) and explain how the concept(s) relate(s) to the given scenario.

Analysis/Conclusion: Analyze the factual scenario in relation to the legal concept in order to reach a well-reasoned conclusion. Be sure to apply the legal concept correctly toward solving the legal issue.

Your paper should be double spaced in 12-point font and approximately 500-750 words. At least two sources must be correctly cited using APA citations, including both in-text parenthetical citations and an end-of-text list of references.

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Essay Instructions: Write a 3 page paper that addresses the following:

Research and discuss the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its impact on business organizations today.

What is Sarbanes Oxley and what kind of impact has it had on business fraud?

Describe and provide an example of a barrier to international trade.

What is the World Trade Organization (WTO) and what has it done for trade?

Which level of government has the greatest influence on corporations?

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Essay Instructions: I need a 4-page essay answering the 4 items below,

Page 1) In 2009, The EEOC implemented the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA). What effects might GINA potentially have on workplace culture, on health insurance, and on the economy?

Page 2) Why is it important for managers to understand diversity management from both and managerial and legal perspectives? In your experience, how much legal knowledge have your managers possessed?

Page 3) How did the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act change workplace culture? Give at least one example.

Page 4) Describe one group protected by the EEOC, and summarize the related legislation. Are all groups fairly represented? Are any groups missing? Justify your answer.

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Essay Instructions: one page per part

Go to the United States Department of Labor and read the section titled ?Employment Rights: Who has Them and Who Enforces Them?, located at Be prepared to discuss.
Use the Internet to research the role of unions in the United States compared to three other countries. Be prepared to discuss.


"Labor Unions" Please respond to the following:
From the first eActivity, evaluate the intended effectiveness of The Americans with Disabilities Act and The Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Determine how these laws affect human resource management (HRM). Speculate what the impact of the Act will be in 10 years. Support your position.

From the second eActivity, examine how the role of unions in other countries differs from the role of unions in the United States. Provide examples from two other countries of how unions operate in those countries including in regard to HRM.

"Company reorganization and the Future of HR" Please respond to the following:
? Provide an example of a company that has done a total ?turnaround?. What were the implications of a ?turnaround? for the company?s HRM? Determine if the turnaround has been effective and improved profitability.
? Examine changes and developments that are currently taking place in the field of HRM. Predict two changes and developments that are likely to occur in this field in the next 10 years.

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