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I will need (12) twelve-page essay on the AMERICAN CIVICS course.
There are 12 separate questions need to be answered accurately and thoroughly.
Please answer approximately one page per question.

The textbook for this course is American Civics by William T. Hartley, 2005, Holt.

1) The characteristics of the American population continue to change. Please write an essay, which describes three of the major changes, which have occurred in the American population in the Twentieth Century. In a separate paragraph discuss whether you believe we need to impose more control on immigration into the United States.

2) The Preamble to the Constitution lists the six goals of our national government. List and describe these six goals. Then explain how you think the current national government fulfills all six goals. Please use specific examples of government in your answer.

3) Explain what bail is, and the reason behind its existence.

4) Why does the Constitution specify a bicameral legislation? What does this mean? How is it beneficial? Describe the make-up of both houses of our national legislature, including size, representation, and terms of office.

5) One of the most hotly debated topics of national concern is gun control. In a complete essay, compose a proposal to either ban all hand guns or to allow free ownership of all hand guns and trace the history of this proposal. You must show the process it will follow to become a law from the beginning of the concept to the final stage. Include any side tracks that may threaten your bill.

6) List and explain three actions the President may take regarding persons who have committed certain federal crimes.

7) What purposes do political parties serve? Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of one, two and multiparty systems.

8) In the last presidential election, almost one half of the eligible voters failed to cast a vote. List five of the reasons why most Americans do not vote?

9) Identify and describe six propaganda techniques used by groups. Be sure to provide examples.

10) What are the three concepts called initiative, referendum and recall and how do they encourage direct democracy?

11) The United States Constitution guarantees each citizen a right to a fair public trial. There are 6 ways our government ensures that we have a fair trial. Please list and explain each of these 6 measures and then give an example of how someone might utilize all 6 of these if they were arrested for a crime. Include key terms and definitions.

12) Taxes are very much a part of life in the United States. Please list and describe 6 of the various types of taxes people and businesses must pay. Then give the three basic rules to every tax.

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Title: African American Population

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Essay Instructions: I WANT WRITER: MGMLEO for this paper please!!!

This is a paper for an RN (Registered Nurse) to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)program level. This paper is our final semester paper called: "Professional Paper". The topic of this paper is " Application of the Nursing Process to Deliver Culturally Competent Care to African-American Population". You already wrote an excellent paper about this population that focused on their health care needs (I'm sending you the copy of what you previously wrote about it because we have to use some information from there and placed in this paper). This paper is going to be about them (African-American) but is going to analyze more topics about them. Please follow the rubric outline that I will send you by fax before you start writing this paper which especify the points that we have to discuss.
It needs to be written in APA Style (Times New Roman #12)and including: Abstract; Introduction; Citations (limit to a minimun direct quotations); Conclusions; and References (references should be a minimum of 5 and within the last 5 years-see directions sent it in fax). I'm also sending you the copy of chapter# 10 from my text book that we also have to use as a reference for this paper (Spector, Rachel E. (2008). Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness. (7th ed). New York: Pearson Prentice-Hall.
Thank you


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Title: dangers and advantages of the American population adopting a multicultural perspective

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Essay Instructions: Explain the dangers and advantages of the American population adopting a multicultural perspective. Explore how would this effect the characteristics of social groups, organizations, social stratification and the current class system in the United States. How would deviance be defined in America through a multicultural perspective? Key ideas or points should be illustrated with detailed examples. An facts or major points should be referenced.

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Title: harlem 1920 1960

Total Pages: 30 Words: 9936 Sources: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Hello, i am requesting Writer’s Username: Serban Brebenel. if Serban is not available i will use someone else.

When writing this paper please use quotes and footnotes. I need a minimum of 10 sources please limit internet sources to three. I will email the paper that I have already please you can add to it but don't take out from it.

This paper will underline the major issues surrounding the controversial perspectives on Harlem. There are various opinions on the actual role the New York district played in the evolution of the city and of the general mentality related to the African American community. On the one hand, there are some who labeled Harlem as being a cancer in the heart of a city and a large-scale laboratory experiment in the race problem. On the other hand however, there are voices who credit Harlem as being the cultural and intellectual capital of the Black race, a place used by some of the most colorful and dynamic personalities in the black world as a vantage point, a platform and proving ground for their ideas and ambitions. Both perspectives have their own independent argumentative schemes; however, while the former relies on a rather observatory experience, using the basic images offered by the poor living conditions and the miserable state of houses, the latter takes into account the need and desire of the African American population to strive for the improvement of their human condition, as well as an affirmation of their political, economic, and cultural identity.
Due to the complexity of the issue at hand, there are different matters which should be addressed in order to have a clear view on the overall assessment of the true identity of Harlem up to the 1960s.

The essence of the 30 pages that you will write on is to compare what is already written in the 30 pages that i will email and to find other authors who either agree and or disagree with my point of view. it is ok to add to the 30 pages that i will email but please let at least 20 pages be on a critique of what other authors have written and how their view either matches up with mine or not.
Thanks if you have any questions please email me.
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