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Essay Instructions: This research paper is on the influence of psychedelics on american music and culture during the 1960's and 1970's. How the use of such mind altering drugs like LSD and marijuana helped shape american music during the 1960's and 1970's as well as the culture (hippies).

written with a 12-point font, double spaced, use standard margins (1? top and bottom; 1.25? left and right), and have numbered pages.
Papers may be written in MLA style, APA style, or Chicago Manual style, and students are advised to consult style websites proper citation format.

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Title: American Music of the New Millennium

Total Pages: 2 Words: 671 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Imagine you are a writer for 'Beat' magazine and have been asked to write a feature article titled "American Music of the New Millennium." Referring to the following Web sites, use a classification-and-division structure to discuss the types of music you think represent the future of the music industry. Be sure to give each type of music a name and to describe its characteristics so as to give your audience a sense of the differences between the categories.

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Title: Compare and contrast American music and Asian music

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2888 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The topic of my term paper is: "Compare and contrast American music and Asian music"

This is the introduction part I wrote for this term paper:

As an Asian student takine a "History of American music" class, I've been learning a lot of new things about a type of music that I haven't ususally listened to, American music. I usually listen to Pop music from my country, China pop ballad, or K-pop. I like Pop or soft music, and I hate strong music such as rock, rock and roll, or rap. I always feel very relaxed and comfortable when listening to Asian Pop. However, after a month taking this music class, and have to listen to a lot of American music from the Native Indian American type to some modern type, I found that American music is not that bad, and Pop is not my only favorite anymore. Now I love music ofthe black, and some kind of music in the Revivalism time. BAsed on what I understand on American music throughout this class, some other researches, and my Asian culture experience, I'm going to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between American music and Asian music in order to understand more about American music, one type of music that is very new to me.

For the research resources, it's the best if you use the articles, wikipedia, or resources that are accesible on the internet so I can read it as well.

You should take a look at this file to make sure your writing style matches the rules set up in this file:

Your Bibliography formats should follow the rules and samples set up in this file:

Also, for the American part, it's the best if you could mention some of these things (composers and events):

- Early Caucasian Sacred Hymnody:
+ Ainsworth (Ainsworth Psalter book)

- Important sacred music composers and special Chrsitian sects in early America:
+ Isaac Watts
+ John Wesley

- William Billings (Fuging Tune type of music)

- Lowell Mason (Early 19th century sacred music, FASOLA, shaped notes, and capitalism)

- Richard Allen (Spirituals)

- Early secular music in America:
+ Concert music
+ rural secular
+ popular song

- 19th century songs, musicals, and the Minstrel show:
+ Goerge F. Root
+ Henry Clay Work
+ Jim Crow (Minstrel show)
+ Stephen Foster

- 19th Century music for band

- Ragtime and Scott Joplin

- Early Jazz

- Art music:
+ Gentlemen Ameteur
- Early immigrant composers of art music in America:
+ Alexander Reinagle
+ Rayor Taylor
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Essay Instructions: must this use the following book as a reference as one of the references
1) Loza, Steven. Barrio Rhythm: Mexican American Music in Los Angeles. University of Illinois Press, 1993.

provided a couple source that can be used

topic can be anything on using music as and identity.

the following is a little bit of details from the syllabus

Students are required write an 8-10 page research paper. Topic and prompt
will be announced during class. Students should include references and cite sources (reference pagedoes not count towards the 8 page minimum requirement). The research paper should not be a biography, but a critical analysis about the selected individual or musical genre.

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