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Title: Native American Women

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Essay Instructions: Need a book report on: "Desert Indian Woman, Stories and Dreams," by Frances Manuel and Deborah Neff. Discussion should include Frances Manuel''s tribal origins, traditions, cultures on American Indian women in the past, present, and future, Contemporary issues as she functions in Tribal and non-Indian societies. You are to use specific page numbers for quotes and or references from the book. This book report is for an American Indian Studies Program so it needs to be specific concerning Frances Manuel''s life: past, present, and future and her search for her identity. It should also be noted that the bond of friendship between Frances and the writer Deborah Neff has played to bring forth Frances'' story.But this should be short in comparison to the story about Frances in this book report.

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Title: Appalachia

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Essay Instructions: This is a portfolio narrative essay describing my learning through independent study of Appalachia, including extensive travel through the region. I have studied Native American?s, and traveled to numerous reservations within the region. Since this is a Prior Learning Documentation, the essay must describe learning through hand-on experience, reading, and research. After the essay is complete a second document detailing simple statements of experience and knowledge must correlate with the essay.
The second document format is very easy:

Experience that led to learning: Knowledge attained through the experience:

1???????????. ????????????.

2???????????.. ????????????..

The essay must be 7 pages in length. The additional 3 pages are correlated experience statements, as described above. The total pages for the research:10 pages. MLA format with 7 citations.
The delivery time is 5 ? 6 days. No documents will be faxed.
This is College-level, sophomore. Completed Order will be Emailed: October 13, 2004 at 2:00 PM

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My focus needs to be centered on the Native American?s in this region. However, all aspects of the course content must be covered, I just need to relate most points to related Native American populations, when applicable.

What is Appalachia?
Roots, Exploration, and Settlement
Heroes and Demigods
War and Revolution
Labor, Wealth, and Commonwealth
Nature and Progress
Majority and Minority
Feuds and Violence
Exile, Return and Sense of Place
Family and Community
Religion and Worship
Folklore, Mythology, and Superstition
Dialect and Language
Miners, Millhands and Mountaineers
Coal Industry
Sports and Play
Laughter and Humor
Education and Criticism
Regional Identity and the Future
Native American Indian Studies of regional tribes.
The First Appalachian People: the Cherokees and others
Prehistoric people of the Kanawha Valley in West Virginia
White Mountaineers: Who came, from where, and when?

Course competencies:
Demonstrate an understanding of the settlement, history, and present state of Appalachia, including the Native American perspective of Appalachians.
Develop an awareness of the challenges and problems the region has faced over time.
Demonstrate an appreciation of the unique culture that makes up Appalachia.
Appraise the values and character of both Western and Non-Western cultures (note: Non-Western in this context would include Native Americans and immigrants from non-western countries who have lived in Ohio and other Appalachian regions.
Recognize and describe the interactions and institutions that characterize the individual and society.
Demonstrate an academic proficiency comparable to students completing the second year of a baccalaureate degree program in anthropology.


Topographical map of Appalachia (Ford, The Southern Appalachian Region: A Survey [1960])

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