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Title: Americn Football in Europe

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Essay Instructions: The paper is about American football in Europe...

Some suggestions of topics
-Explain why the people don't like American Football
-Discuss NFL Europe why it did and didn't work
-Also I'm taking this class in Spain so if you use an example of a European team use the team from Barcelona
Excerpt From Essay:
Bibliography:> "American Football History." 2009. April 10, 2009. <.

HIndustan. "Ipl Moves to Sa, but What About 'City Loyalties'?" Johannesburg, South Africa, 2009. Hindustan Times. April 10, 2009. .

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Title: Racism in Football

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Essay Instructions: I would like to ask the author to write the paper in a relatively economic manner. It doesn't mean that I need it to be only the calculations, though it would be good if the writer could present some economic data ( as the subject is the Sports Economics).

The other request is to try ( if possible) to somehow corelate the topic to such notions as: competition, the competetive balance, the importance of the uncertainty (insecurity) of the outcome. It would be good to analyze the cash flows, if possible, as well as to show the media coverage of the topic.

I would also like to ask the writer to include some historical data and consequently to show how the topic has changed over the period of time ( it is up to the author, which historic time period wil be covered. Most important thing is to present the issue from the CURRENT perspective).Please, mention the football hooligans and far right movements.

As it is a mini- PROJECT, students are also suggested to propose some ways for the improvement. So, it would be good if the author could propose any good suggestions for the future ( about how to fight racism in football).

If possible, write a bit about the FARE ( Football Against Racism in Europe Organization), or any other organizations to fight racism in football.

It would be good if the paper will be divided into parts: Preface, Introduction...etc.Graphs, charts and diagrams are very welcomed.

P.S. Writing "Racism in Football" I mean IN SOCCER ( not in American Football)

Thank you in advance
Excerpt From Essay:

BBC Sport (British Broadcasting Corporation). Champions League Final Tops Super Bowl for TV Market. 31 January 2010.

Cutler, Matthew. UEFA approves financial fair play concept. 16

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Title: freuds concept of sublimation and football

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Essay Instructions: What would Sigmund Freud's concept of sublimation disclose about American football and the reasons for its immense popularity?
Excerpt From Essay:

Archetti, Eduardo P. Masculinities: Football, Polo, and the Tango in Argentina / . New York: Berg, 1999. Questia. 3 Dec. 2008


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Title: Global Sporting Events Market

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Here is the prompt:

In the USUS, we believe that American football is the most important sport in the world, yet even we know that international sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup are actually true global spectacles with billions of dollars at stake in terms of media coverage and related merchandise. Just how big is the business of international sports? How much larger might it grow? What are the upside and downside for any nation which hosts these events? Does the cost of staging them restrict their sites essentially to First-World nations, or will we see more host countries such as Brazil in the future?

This is a group writing assignment, so my part is to only write about: "How much larger might it grow". I have to basically write about the future prospects of these kinds of international sporting events.

Length requirement:

I have to write about 3-4 double spaced pages worth on my part.

Although this is one component of what will be a longer, research paper, it should still be organized and have proper introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Thank you.
Excerpt From Essay:

Baker, Peter, Cooper, Helene, Mazzetti, Mark. Bin Ladin is Dead, Obama Says. The New York Times. 2011. Web. Retrieved from

Perrucci, Robert and Wysong, Earl. The New Class Society: Goodbye American Dream? New York: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. 2008. Print.

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