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Title: writer schoice

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Essay Instructions: this is not a demonstration or any analyze paper.

consider the two articles. " Morris horowitz: "I never Got Rich" and the graphic essay from Time magazine "the american dream supersized." after examinging and discussing these two pieces. consider what both pieces are saying about the American Dream. And then use these sources as the cornerstone of an essay in which you present how they fit or not, with your own view of the American Dream.there is no right or wrong view point,just create your own argument and write fully details to supports your argument.

since this is a college second year paper, so there is no fancy writting needs, just please remember to use clear topic sentence and please write strong thesis statement to support your topic sentence. In this essay,there is only one ARGUMENT, and use some indicidual examples to support the argument( Don;t tell-show with vivid details). And For the argument,please focus to convey its core argument and ideas. the topic senteces is not only transition ideas between paragraphs but also actively link the ideas and discussion in the paragraphs to the paper's over-arching theis.

And in this paper,please use some quotes from the two articles in this paper to support as well

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Title: Social Problems

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Essay Instructions: Write a reaction paper to "What's wrong with the American Dream?"(Chp.3) Use these four questions from the chapter for reaction.

1. What is the problem Hochschild identifies? What values are applied that make this a problem?

2. Does she consider the problem a social problem? Does it seriously hurt anyone?

3. What does she describe as the cause of this problem? Is the cause identified primarily as a social cause? Does she claim that the problem adversely affects the future of society?

4. Does Hochschild tell us what can be done about the problem? If not, what do you think she might recommend to resolve it?

Must use the text: Social Problems - Readings with four questions by Charon & Vigilant(4th Edition)
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Title: American Dream

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Essay Instructions: Prefer Cathii as writer
Professor instructions: Write a exploratory essay in which you discuss the idea of American Dream and who has access to it. Comments on whether the American Dream is a useful or a harmful myth. How does Maetewan story fit into your discussion. Please add citations to the essay, as many as you feel is necessary. The book is Race, Class, and Gender in the United States. Paula S. Rothenberg, 2004, 6th edition, Worth Publishers.

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Title: American Dream

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Essay Instructions: Write an admirable and straight forward paper with your opinion about:

"The end of the nineteenth century was an important turning point in the history of the U.S., therefore,with the building of the Panama Canal, the Spanish-American war, (and the subsequent violent rejection of the U.S. by the Philippinos, not content to have the U.S. as their new masters) and the acquisition of Hawaii. The Anti-Imperialists (as they called themselves) felt that this was the beginning of the end of the American Dream. Others felt strongly that the U.S. had to uphold the Monroe Doctrine and protect, by military means if necessary, the continent."

So? Was this the beginnings of an imperialist U.S. or the continuation of the American Dream- that all that the U.S. wished was peace, equality, and the American dream for all?

Carry your argument into the 20th century, using as many examples as you wish, up to Iraq if you desire.

As a matter of fact, what has happened to the American Dream? Has it disappeared? been adjusted to the times? Distorted? Perfected?

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