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Title: Aluminim Horseshoes in Performance Horses

Total Pages: 2 Words: 716 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please use these References

APA Format with 100-150 word description of each reference. The entries should be in alphabetical order and double-spaced. The forst line of the reference list citation should be flush left with the left-hand margin, and the second and proceeding lines should be indented 1/2 inch from the left-hand margin. The summary of each entry should be flush with the second line of each reference list citation.

Butler DVM, D., & Butler, J., (2004). The Principle of Horseshoeing P3. Marceline, Missouri: Walsworth Publishing Company, Inc.

Balch, O., Butler, D. & Collier, M. (1997). Balancing the normal foot. Equine Veterinary Education 9(3): 143-54.

Crisan, M., Lopez, J., Cjope, K., Muste, A. & Damian, A. (2009). Studies Regarding Treatment in Navicular Disease. Veterinary Medicine 66(1).

Huguet, E. & Duberstein, K. (2012). Effects of Steel and Aluminum Shoes on Forelimb Kinematics in Stock-Type Horses as Measured at the Trot. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 10 February.

Koepsich, W. (1996). Using Aluminum Shoes on Quarter Horses. Anvil Magazine. Accessed

22 March 2012.


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Title: wooden vs aluminum baseball bats

Total Pages: 9 Words: 3195 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a research paper on the differences between the use of wooden and aluminum bats, focusing on college (NCAA) vs. proffessional.
I would like pros and cons in both areas. Here are some sources I have found. I would like a majority of research from journals/articles and the rest from

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Title: The Chemistry of Recycling

Total Pages: 3 Words: 764 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: You are writing a technical abstract for an experiment done in a lab. In this experiment, an aluminum can is recycled to form alum. The document should be 1.5 spaced. Be as concise as possible; long abstracts do not automatically mean better. Write everything in the past tense. Absolutely no first person. The most professional sounding writing is written entirely in the third person and without personal pronouns (i.e. ‘The solid was added’ vs. ‘We added the solid’). The abstract should be written using justified text.

A technical abstract, an abbreviated form of a scientific research paper, is a short 1-2 page summary of an experiment.

The abstract should be clearly divided into sections which we will describe below. Each section should have a header, much like this document. It does not matter if you bold, underline, or italicize the headers, just be consistent. The document should be no more than 4 pages total (figures and spacing included). Again, be concise and organized.

Title: The title should be descriptive of the content ??" do not call it “Experiment 2 Technical Abstract” or simply “The Chemistry of Recycling.” It should describe the major findings of the experiment.

Introduction: As an editorial note, this section should only be 3 or 4
sentences. The purpose of the introduction is to convey a quick what, why and how to the reader. Imagine you are being stopped in the hallway by a friend on their way to lab. They ask you “What are we doing in lab today?” and you only have about a minute to tell them. The introduction does not have to give any details, only a description of what you did and why you did it. You’ll notice that each experiment has an introduction that discusses reasons why we are studying a particular topic. If asked to write an introduction for experiment 1, one could write, “A topic of interest to many scientists is the investigation of the dangers involved in using nitrate-based fertilizers. While it is known that nitrate poisoning killed Bevo, the source of the poisoning is unknown and will be determined using two common nitrate testing methods: the nitrate test strip and the diphenylamine test.” Also notice, a brief description of the scientific reasoning for using these tests is mentioned.
****** See the resources i sent for more information on the lab

Materials and Methods: The major experimental steps are briefly summarized. The purpose of this section is to allow another student to exactly duplicate what you and your partner did in lab (not necessarily what the lab manual says you are to do) and should only be 1 or 2 paragraphs. Just like the rest of the technical abstract, this section should be written in your own words. This is probably the most commonly missed section of a technical abstract. There are several common mistakes made when writing this section. DO NOT write in the form of a numbered or bulleted list; it should be written in paragraph form in the past tense. Another common mistake is to copy the text from the lab manual and simply change a few words. This is not acceptable and is plagiarism. Another mistake is leaving out critical information such as masses and volumes of chemicals used (these are to be exact), as well as equipment used. The key to this section is to be concise, only report pertinent information. You may assume the reader knows as much chemistry and technique as a general chemistry student familiar with this lab, e.g. do not report steps such as how to weigh out solids, measure liquids, clean up and write observations. These do not need to be explained anywhere in the abstract.
******* See the resources i sent for more information on the lab.

Results: This is the most important section of the technical abstract and thus should be the longest. The
purpose of this section is to explain your data and the observations you made. The purpose of this section is to present the data you collected, the results you arrived at and how you arrived at them. You can think of this section as a written summary.You should discuss what type of reaction each step is (including the balanced equation) and defend your choice with your observations and any other information you used to make your determination. The more observations you write down in lab, the easier this will be. The last thing to discuss is your percent yield and why it deviates from 100% (i.e sources of error. If ‘human error’ is involved, name the specific errors that YOU experienced that would affect the yield).
**** See the resources i sent for more information on the lab

Conclusion:This section is a summary of the entire technical abstract and, like the introduction, will only be 2
to 4 sentences. In the conclusion, we would like you to restate the purpose of the experiment, state your final answer to that purpose and whether or not the experiment was successful Example “Using the diphenylamine and nitrate test strips on several source samples and comparing to solutions of known concentration, the source of Bevo’s poisoning was determined successfully. The findings suggest Bevo died from a contaminated...source because...."
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Essay Instructions: Scenario:
On May 30, 2009, Oriental Mft. Ltd., shipped a container of silicon wafers from Narita, Japan, to Big Star Technologies, Inc. in Austin, Tx. Oriental used International Shipping Ltd., a Texas based company, as the carrier.

The shipment arrived at the Austin Port of Entry the following day, where it was held for clearance by the US Customs Service. International cannot release and deliver shipments from outside the US until Customs has approved delivery and all applicable import duties and taxes have been paid.

Before clearance by US Customs was obtained, Big Star notified International and Oriental that it was rejecting the shipment and directed that the goods be returned to Oriental by International at the expense of Big Star.

The shipment left Austin in good condition, but when it arrived in Japan on June 15, 2009 Oriental found that the outer container had broken and was covered with an oily substance that had permeated the interior cardboard boxes. As a result, the sealed aluminum bags containing computer chips which were inside the cardboard boxes, were also coated with the oily substance.

Oriental did not attempt to open the sealed aluminum bags to determine whether the computer chips inside were damaged, but declared the entire shipment a loss.

Oriental Mfg. Ltd. filed a lawsuit against International Shipping Ltd. in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division, for breach of contract. (Assume proper jurisdiction)

International defended by pointing out that Oriental could not prove that the computer chips were in any way damaged, thus as Oriental did not attempt to mitigate its damages it was not entitled to recover any damages.

Oriental claimed that the sealed aluminum bags had to be opened in a special "clean room" to prevent contamination to the chips, which could not be done because the oily substance on the outside of the bags would contaminate the clean room.

International also defended by saying that Oriental failed to mitigate its damages, if any, because it did not clean or attempt to the the outside surface of the aluminum bags in order to allow use of the clean room. Oriental admitted that while it might have been technically possible to remove the oily residue from the bags it would have been prohibitively expensive.

Problem & Instructions:
Assume that the shipping contract would contain a provision under which the shipping company would guarantee safe delivery of shipped products.
1. Discuss the dispute between Oriental Mfg and International Shipping as to whether there was evidence supporting Oriental's contention that all the computer chips were damaged. You should include in the discussion your conclusion as to which party should prevail on this issue in the lawsuit and support your decision with the legal basis therefore.-It is suggested to research the facts alleged by Oriental.
2. Discuss International's contention that Oriental failed to mitigate its damages. You should include int the discussion your conclusion as to which party should prevail on this issue in the lawsuit and support your decision with the legal basis therefore.-Suggested to research the issue of mitigation.
3. On each issue identify and apply the legal principles and statutes, if any, that support the conclusions you state.
4. NOTE: This problem focuses on international law, not US or Texas law.
5. HINT: There is a reported federal case directly on point.
Include URL for electronic sources, proper legal citation.

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