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Title: Allen Ginsberg and Buddhism

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Essay Instructions: How Allen Ginsbergs poem "America" has a connection with him a being Buddhist. Use one parenthetical citation and 3 quotations with sources and then relate them to the topic. Also have an introduction paragraph to the essay.

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Title: allen ginsberg compared to other poets

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Essay Instructions: Comment on impressions of Allen Ginsberg's “A Supermarket in California”.
In what ways is it similar or different from the other poems like “Cavalry Crossing a Ford” by Walt Whitman” and “For the Anniversary of My Death”BY W. S. MERWIN ? find out who Walt Whitman was briefly, (200 words)

2) Discuss the poem's form of “For the Anniversary of My Death”

BY W. S. MERWIN (b. 1927)

Every year without knowing it I have passed the day
When the last fires will wave to me
And the silence will set out
Tireless traveler
Like the beam of a lightless star

Then I will no longer
Find myself in life as in a strange garment
Surprised at the earth
And the love of one woman
And the shamelessness of men
As today writing after three days of rain
Hearing the wren sing and the falling cease
And bowing not knowing to what

• What organizing principle(s) does the poet use?
• How does the poem's structure interact with or reflect upon the poem's subject matter?
• overall impression of the poem? Why?
• (200 words)

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Title: Humanities Modern

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay on ONLY ONE of the following topics:

1. Narrate and interpret one of your dreams, using Freud?s discussion of dreams in An Outline of Psychoanalysis. Proceed in three stages. First, narrate your dream in detail; that is, narrate the ?manifest content? of the dream. This narration will serve as the ?text? for your analysis. Second, relate as many features of the dream as possible to its ?sources? the various parts of your psyche. For example, you should describe which features represent deep drives from the id, and which ones represent unfulfilled wishes from the ego (pre-conscious memory residues from the previous day or from long ago). Third, explain how your ego transformed these drives and wishes (the ?latent content?) into the narrative of the dream (the ?manifest content?) by means of ?distortion? or ?dream work?: that is, condensations and displacements.

2. Use Freud to analyze Mr. Faber's motivations in Because of Romek, and, if you choose, his lecture. Describe how Freud would understand his will to survive, his interaction with others, and his mission.

3. In Sartre's No Exit, Garcin exclaims toward the end of the play, "A man is what he wills himself to be." Suppose the claim were: "A woman is what she wills herself to be." How might the limits of freedom and control put forth by Woolf and Beauvoir modify this claim?

4. Analyze the relationship between Electra and Clytemnestra in Sartre's The Flies.

5. Use Beauvoir's discussion of "the Other" in The Second Sex to analyze Freud's discussion of women in An Outline of Psychoanalysis.

6. Describe how Beauvoir's The Second Sex is an existential analysis. Do this by introducing and defining the major categories of existentialism that inform her work, and then giving citing specific examples from her book.

Essay, 5-6 pages long. Please cite work only from the following books:
T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land and Other Poems (HBJ)

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own (HBJ)

David Faber, Because of Romek, 2nd edition (Faber Press)

Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit and Three Other Plays (Random House)

Simone De Beauvoir, The Second Sex (Random House)

Genet, The Balcony (Grove)

Allen Ginsberg, Howl and Other Poems (City Lights)

The last order was on time. Thank you. Please make sure this order is on time too.
Please send it to me if you finish it before May 31 so I will have enough time to review it.


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Essay Instructions: Please read the handout "Writing the Explication" before you begin this assignment.

For your explication, you will choose ONE of the following poems from The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry. Those are:
- Mark Strand's "The Story of Our Lives"
- Robert Pinsky's "The Hearts,"
- Frank O'Hara's "Having a Coke With You,"
- Galway Kinnel's "After Making Love We Hear Footsteps,"
- J.V. Cunningham's "To My Wife,"
- Theodore Roethke's "I Knew a Woman."
- "Sunflower Sutra" by Allen Ginsberg,
- "Drops in the Bucket," by Kay Ryan,
- "The Typewriter's the Kind" by Heather McHugh,
- "My Father's Back" by Edward Hirsch,
- "For An Album" by Adrienne Rich,
- "Next Day" by Randall Jarrell,
- "Onions" by William Matthews
- "It is This Way With Men," by C. K. Williams

Your paper should be five paragraphs in length (three full pages plus a Works Cited), and it should include a clear thesis (argument) about the poem in question. Remember that your paper is an ANALYSIS of the poem and should do more than just summarize the lines of the poem.

Some topics for your paper may include:
? How does the language and/or structure of the poem lend itself to the listener's understanding of the poem?
? How does the imagery of the poem contribute to or detract from the speaker's success in telling a cohesive story?
? What does the poem seem to be about and how does this meaning reveal itself over the course of the poem?
? How (or how well/poorly) does the foreground of the poem (the story, or what is happening in the poem) reveal to the listener what might be happening in the background (the message) of the poem?

*If you need a copy of the poem, please email me and I will scan it and send it to you*

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