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Title: Plato

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Essay Instructions: Plato claims that "the power and capacity of learning exists in the soul already" (pg 192) How does the Allegory of the Cave support this conclusion? You should not simply re-tell the allegory, but explain its meaning, and then connect that meaning to how Plato thinks knowlege is possible.

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Title: allegory of the cave by plato

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Essay Instructions: obtain a copy of the "allegory of the cave" from THE REPUBLIC by thr greek philosopher plato.
write a short essay in your own words on
1- the meaning of the allegory
2- your view of how it might relat to accounting principles and finacial statments.

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Title: Allegory of the Cave

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Essay Instructions: Read Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" do you agree with Plato's basic premise, that the majority of us are "in the dark" and need to look to a superior person to guide us? Do you agree with Plato's other key idea, that all of us can, with lengthy training and effort, become "superior"?

This is a personal response paper and the writing should be from a personal perspective. Write about what the material means to you.

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Title: Plato the allegory of the cave

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Essay Instructions: In "the alegory of the cave" plato's ethical theory rests on the assumption that virtue is knowledge and can be taught. Plato argues that to know good is to do good. He assumes that anyone who behaves immorally does it because they are ignorant. Plato was convinced that the moral person is the truly happy person, and because individuals always desire their own happiness,they always desire to do what is moral.In "the allegory of the cave" socrates warns us that if defective personalities rise to the level of rulers,the state will decline. Ambitious men,lured by the prospect of wealth and property,will compete with each other for power, neglecting wisdom and intelligence in the execution of their tasks. socrates then says that with political power in the hands of the rich,the poor will suffer disenfranchisement. Wealth will supplant honor as the greatest good. Rulers will be chosen for material wealth alone. Tension between the haves and have nots will increase as class unity dissolves. The rich,basing the lives on consumption of goods,will perform no useful function in society,likewise,many of the poor will become beggars or criminals.I need to write a paper that says if i think Plato and socrates are correct in their evaluations if applied to the current state of modern American politics? I think they are correct and I have to establish my opinion and give accurate and detailed evidence to support my thinking,but I know nothing of AMerican politics today!Any help would be appreciated.

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