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Title: Allegory of the Cave

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Essay Instructions: This 2 pages essay is for a philosophy class. Its about the Greek Philosophy. To complete this paper you need to watch a brief video and read an article. The website to the video will be included in the attached document along with the article. after viewing the video and reading the article you need to answer the following questions with your own opinion, no outside resources should be used .
Explain Plato?s idea of the ?Myth of the Cave.? Briefly summarize the myth and explain (briefly) its significance. Do you agree with Plato that everything we see is merely an imitation (and sometimes only an imitation of an imitation.) How does this allegory relate to ideas like God?or The Good?.or Beauty?.or Truth, etc.
Also: read the article at the end of this packet, (Greek Philosophy) Philosophy needs to be more than theory, it needs to be practice too, see how philosophy also has its practical applications.

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Title: Allegory of the cave

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Essay Instructions: Compare Plato's Cave Allegory with modern American Education. Is today's populace living in "darkness" - ignorance - the way Socrates portrays the Athenians and himself in a "cave"? If they exist, what would represent the cave metaphores (prisoners, their chains, and the shadow and echo images, the puppetmasters, the light outside the cave (The Good) suggest today?

Discuss any other contemporary symbolism from the cave.
This is an opinion essay.
Plato want you to think about your life, education, society - past or present - and ask yourself if you live a life of appearances, deception or self deception, and are missing the true realty or meaning of life.

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Title: PLATO The Allegory and the cave

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Essay Instructions: Hello this paper is from Plato: The Allegory and the Cave. The writing point is as followed.

In what ways would depending on the material world for one's highest moral values affect ethical behavior? What is the connection between ethics and materialism? Write a brief essay that defends or attacks materialism as a basis for ethical action. How can people aspire to the good if they root their greatest pleasures in the senses? What alternatives do modern people have if they choose to base their actions on non materialistic, or spiritual, values? What are those values? How can they guide our ethical behavior? Do you think they should?

That is the the writing point. This is for Eng 112 I don't know if u guys do rough drafts as well?


1. All papers will be typed (computer-printed), double-spaced, with approximate 1 1/2” margins (top, bottom, sides) to allow for professor’s comments.

2. Use no cover sheets, folders, title pages, etc. For essays 1 thru 4, place the following on the first page of the essay:
(a) Top left corner of beginning page, double-spaced: your name, course number/section, date, essay number (E-1, E-2, E-3, etc.).
(b) Center of beginning page: Title & name of essayist/writer about which you are writing, for ex., “Ends vs. Means” (Machiavelli).
(c) Three or four lines beneath your title..............Begin introduction of essay.

3. Include proper MLA documentation in all essays. Every essay will contain at least three (3) parenthetical, in-text citations of quoted/borrowed material from the text-essay and/or from outside research sources.

4. All papers will have a properly formatted Works Cited Page as the last page of the paper, unless the only source used is the single reading from the textbook, in which case a proper works cited entry at the bottom of the final page of your essay will suffice, provided enough space (6 or more lines) exists there.

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Essay Instructions: Complete an Internet search on "Plato's Cave" or "Allegory of the Cave" or "Cave of Shadows." Look for an article that provides an application of the story that resonates with you, for example, how Plato's story was used to explain illusion, reality, truth, or some other application. Be sure to include the following in an essay (500-750 words):

a) The article's Web site (URL).

b) An explanation as to why you chose this particular application of Plato's idea and whether the application was valid or flawed. Why?

c) Choose 2-3 key points from the Internet article that stood out.

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