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Title: literature Review

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3576 References: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a literature review on this compelling social issue. "Aging In Alaska Options For In-Home Support".

-Include a review of prior efforts to remediate the issue. The literature review is to be a critical analysis of what is known and what has been tried to address the issue.

-Develope some theory-b ased perspectives about why the social issue exits.

-What is needed to successfully correct the problem, including therapeutic interventions.

-This review should be maximum of 12 pages (12 font times new roman), not including title or reference pages, and utilize a minimum of 10 references, five of which should be within the last five years and three of which must be books.

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Title: Arguing against drilling for oil in Alaska to protect the natural wildlife

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2760 Works Cited: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: It needs to be an argumentative research paper. Show why oil companies shouldnt be drilling for oil in Alaska becuase of the wildlife and the natural world. Talk about the other places to drill and research other facts about the subject and show why that is the better decision. Bring up the opposing view points and show why they are wrong or why the idea would not work. Needs to include in-text citations. The thesis statement needs to be a strong, intelligent assertion about the topic, not a question or fact. Try to get a variety of sources (data bases, websites, books, etc.)

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Essay Instructions: Assignment: Response Structure

Write a word critical incident manual that could be provided to responder personnel for use in an incident.

Create an incident and command response structure for all emergency or public service agencies in State of Alaska, such as police, fire, medical, and so forth. Ensure the minimal components of operations, planning, administration, and logistics are included and fully developed to four levels. Be sure the manual contains all general information personnel would need for rapid activation and deployment.

? Identify specific personnel or positions for each function.

? Provide scenario-based training (Provide sections in headings).

Provide and Introduction and Conclusion. Run paper through plagiarism checker.

Format your manual according to APA standards.

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Title: Federal and State Jurisdiction

Total Pages: 1 Words: 352 Sources: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Forum Description
Topic: Federal/State Jurisdiction

The United States of America is home to 2 distinct judicial systems?State and Federal. While appearing to be consistent across the nation, there is a great deal of diversity within each system. Likewise, Exodus 18 describes the appointment of leaders at different levels to resolve the disputes of God?s people.


?Compare the federal court system to the court system in your particular state..
?Identify the location of the courthouse closest to where you live and the name of a current judge at each court level?lower, trial, appellate..
?Finally, describe how your state has followed the biblical model of creating levels of courts to address the demands of its citizens..

Discussion Board Assistance:
If you were considering buying a new phone or new car, you would look at pictures, read the reviews, scan the manufacturer?s websites, and look at one in the store/showroom. If a friend asked your opinion, you would not print off a web page or car brochure and hand it to them because they are asking for your thoughts. So, do not cut and paste large sections of the court?s websites. Instead, develop a method to do the comparison that will work for both the thread and the reply. Then, submit posts that demonstrate your understanding of how the court systems are designed, why they differ, the unique qualities of yours versus mine, and how are the citizens of your state served by this type of structure.

I live in the state of Alaska. Fairbanks

The nature of the crimes brought to the Federal court differs from those appearing in state judiciaries. State courts handle primarily street crimes that require immediate action such as burglary, armed robbery, and murder. By contrast, with the exception of drug-related offenses, federal crimes concern immigration offenses, fraud cases, firearms violations, and money laundering. (Fradella & Neubauer, 2014)

I currently live in Fort Wainwright, AK and the nearest courthouse is 101 Lacy Street, Fairbanks Ak, 99581. Alaska has a unified, centrally administered court system, totally funded by the state. Municipal governments do not maintain separate court systems. There are four levels of courts in the Alaska Court System, each with different powers, duties and responsibilities. The Superior Court and District Court are trial courts, which initially hear and decide court cases. The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are appellate courts, which review and decide appeals from decisions made by the trial courts.

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