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Title: Servqual in Airline industry

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Essay Instructions: Dear writer

I need you to review 5 articles about how does Airline industry use SERVQUAL method in Airline industry? I also upload example paper for you, please see attach file and try to write with same structure and ideal.

Requirement of paper;

1.Brief & Background of 5 article by put all together
- How airline industries using SERVQUAL method which dealing with airline industries?

2. A scope and objectives of all paper
- You should write how articles are exploded in services quality in the airline industry.
- You have to give all objectives of all articles (4-5 sentences of each articles).

3. Methodology
- In this section, I need you review how articles using quantitative method for collecting survey questionnaire

4. Limitation & implication for service marketing
- To summarize all articles which relate about service marketing

5. Conclusion
- To conclude how service quality important issue for airline industry

Ps. Please try to write as good as or more than the example that I gave you.I will appreciate.

Thank you in advance

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Bozorgi, MM (2006) Measuring Service Quality in the Airline Using SERVQUAL Model (Case of IAA). Retrieved from:

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Zainol. AZ and Romle, AR (2003) The Truths of Service Quality (Passenger Handing) in Airlines Industry: A Descriptive Exploration Between Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. Retrieved from:

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Title: Airline Industry

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Essay Instructions: I would like an economic profile of the airline industry. This paper must include the shifts and price elasticity of supply and demand, positive and negative externalities, wage inequality, as well as monetary and fiscal policies within the airline industry. I would also like to include how the economy positively and negatively affect the airline industry.

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Title: Assume airline industry After careful consideration relevant macro environmental trends What actions Why

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Essay Instructions: Assume you are in the airline industry:

After careful consideration, what relevant macro-environmental trends are you currently seeing?
What actions should/should not be taken?

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Works Cited:


Hooley, G. Marketing strategy and competitive positioning.3rd edition.

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Title: Airline Industry Overview Paper

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Essay Instructions: I really need someone who is a good college level writer and has good understanding knowledge of Macroeconomics for this order and for future orders which may become a bit challenging and may also include graphs. (This is part 1 of a project)I also would like to continue using the same writer, if I like the way this order is done.

Prepare a 600-800 word paper based on the Airline industry.Include in the paper a brief history of the airline industry, an airline industry overview, and a SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends) analysis of the industry.

Also, 2 quotations required.


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