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Title: CAN YOU WRITE MY ESSAY THE TOPIC IS AIR POLLUTION AND I undergraduate student So i u write acceptable academic street language i Please discuss reasons effects air pollution provide pictures referred subject

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Essay Instructions: CAN YOU WRITE MY ESSAY THE TOPIC IS { AIR POLLUTION } AND I am an undergraduate student. So i need u to write it in acceptable way which is not very academic and not very street language if you get what i am saying please.

Please discuss the reasons and the effects of the air pollution and please provide some pictures referred to the subject.

Please write from 1350 to 1650 words and please provide some diagrams and graphs related to the subject.
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AFP, n.d. High Levels of Air Pollution in the Chinese Capital Frequently Affect Visibility. [image online] Available at: [Accessed 16 April 2013].

Flatworldsedge, 25 Oct 2010. Moisturize Daily (Statue at Palladio's Teatro Olimpico), Vicenza. [image online] Available at: / [Accessed 15 April 2013].

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Title: ENGLISH COMPOSITION II College Should a total 3 essays Topic Air Pollution Climate Change Ozone Depletion Should 3 papers First 2 due 27 Mar 2012 Last 1 due 3 April 2012 This essay set parts Prewriting Research Rough Draft Workshop Final Draft Presentation

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Essay Instructions: ENGLISH COMPOSITION II (College)

Should be a total of 3 essays.

Topic will be: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Ozone Depletion

Should be 3 papers.

First 2 are due on the 27 Mar 2012.

Last 1 is due on 3 April 2012.

This essay will be set in three parts: Prewriting and Research, Rough Draft and Workshop, and Final Draft and Presentation. Unlike the other writing we have done in this class, you will have a chance to revise this assignment and resubmit it for a final grade.

Your final draft of the Research Project should meet the following guidelines:

is between nine hundred and twelve hundred words in length;
includes direct quotations and paraphrased passages from at least five texts;
qualifies each of the authors;
withholds personal opinion until the conclusion of the essay;
is written clearly, concisely, and accurately;
is written primarily in third-person;
is formatted in APA style and includes a References page;
has been closely edited so that it contains few or no mechanical errors.
Excerpt From Essay:

Parker Larry A. And Morrisey, Wayne A. "Stratospheric ozone depletion," (Nova Publishers, 2003)

Parker and Morrisey intend to raise public awareness concerning the imminent threat represented by ozone depletion. Their book relates to how people are generally inclined to ignore such threats as a result of their tendency to focus on the present.

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Title: Air Pollution

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Essay Instructions: Reasearch paper on Air Pollution. I need specific quotes from seven differant books with last name and page number at the end of each quote. Ex (Last name,page #) The quotes need to be factual information. MLA format, 12 inch font, double space. Only book referances. seven pages plus a work cited page
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Title: Air Pollution and Effects on Economy

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Essay Instructions: 1000 Words Research paper excluding blibography. Essay topic is on how air pollution effects the economy in Canada.
Excerpt From Essay:

1. Hessing Melody, and Howlett Michael, Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy: Political Economy and Public Policy (Vancouver, B.C.: University of British Columbia Press, 1997) 22.

2. Reese April, "Bad Air Days," E. Nov. 1999: 28.

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