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Title: HIV AIDS case in sociology

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Essay Instructions: HIV / AIDS case in sociology

How are you? Thank you for interesting my papers. This is for Sociology class’ developing studying papers. Since I am an international student from Asia (Taiwan), please help me to write down one deeply and critical think papers for this developing studying paper. The professor wants us to write down 11 pages developing studying research papers relate to our text book study. My chapter contents are talking about the attribution theory and the origin of HIV / AIDS case in sociology. Please help me to write down the papers as sociologist to think about the chapter content and write down some topic it relate to the chapter we taught about. As for sociologist when we discuss about HIV/AIDS in society, what is the interest topic relate to our chapter and try to bring current concept to discuss. This is my first class of sociology, so just bring the content like sophomore international student will think about the sociology thank you! Please~

Moreover, could you please be careful about the plagiarism. Our school have some kind computer system can check out every graduate student papers before hand into professor. They are really caring about this problem! [Seriously!!] Please help me to write down one unique and deep thinking paper. Please try it! I really need to your help!! Please~~ (sorry, could I ask you one more question? After you complete the papers, will you give another person for this paper? For example, my classmates order the same topic and you give them the papers which you done for me, and it will cause us a lots of trouble….) Sorry to ask you this kind of question because I heard some of the case happening before, so I don’t want it happen in this one…sorry!

Thank you for your kindness! I am very appreciating it!!

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Works Cited:

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Title: HIV / AIDS Autoimmune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

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Essay Instructions: HIV / Aids
Brief history of the disease
Brief description of the disease
Examine the nature of this vulnerable population

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Title: Aids in Africa

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Essay Instructions: I want you to write a Research paper on the topic of "Aids in Africa”.
The essay must outline the effects of poverty and lack of awareness about Aids in South Africa.
It must also incorporate role of local & international political view in Africa about this disease and steps that have been taken in order to prevent Aids. I will give you 5 articles sources and 2 books. You must only choose 4~5 articles and one or two book out of these sources.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Impact of HIV AIDS on society as a whole and what social changes both positive and negative occurred

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  • References:10
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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Paper needs to be a minimum of 10-14 pages. 10 sources: 4 primary, 6 secondary of which 3 must be books (please include page numbers).
Paper is about a person or event from 1945-present that had an impact on society as a whole and caused a societal change, both positive and negative aspects need to be addressed.
I have chosen the impact of HIV/AIDS on American society.
Include a variety of demographics, reasons or causes of contracting this disease, statistics on STD's in general after HIV became known, safe sex practices and statistics, drug use statistics, how did society react to this new disease, how did people treat one another, what new safety measures came about due to this virus, etc.
ANY information, BOTH positive and negative, should be discussed about the impact of HIV on American society since this disease was discovered in the early 1980's.
Have any ideas for an original title for this paper? Please include that as well.

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Excerpt From Essay:

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