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Title: Judaism

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2796 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The topic is Judaism. More specifically though the Jewish belief in the afterlife. The ressurection of good or "the world to come". The Jewish belief in personal immortality or the resurection of the dead.
I know that there is some debate over this issue, so the paper should be thought provoking in style.
There should be mention of the Hebrew scriptures to an afterlife and the Pharisees notion of a future resurection of the good.
This is a first year Religious course and only a 7 page paper, so it should be deep but not too over the top.

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Essay Instructions: I am in the 10th grade and I am a fairly smart person so I would like the essay to seem like I actually wrote it. The topic for my essay is Death: What is the Afterlife and people's veiws and fears on it. I need at least 5 cited sources and and they must include one book and only one encyclodpedia. I also need to have parenthetical citations.

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Title: Nature of the Afterlife and Nature of morality in Hinduism versus Christianity

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1963 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This is a research paper for World Religions 201. The paper is to compare and contrast two specific characteristics in Hinduism and Christianity. This not to compare the two religions it is to compare and contrast two specific characteristics. The two characteristics are the nature of the afterlife and nature of morality.

The paper is to include an interview or questionairre from a member of each of the two religions. Can be done by phone, email, or via the web.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Lucretius and Wang Chong The Rational skepticism about the afterlife in Rome and China

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1743 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like a few footnotes, a few quotes, and a few citations. It does not matter how many as long as I have some listed. If possible, I need an analysis of this paper. I need the different views of Wang Chong and Lucretius on their beliefs of afterlife. I highly recommend that the paper be comparative: compare different cultural patterns or values by analyzing primary sources from each culture; compare different philosophers on a limited number of issues; compare different religions on some aspect of their history or doctrine--but do so without championing or demonizing any one belief system (for example, if you intend to write a paper attacking one of the world?s major religions as an innately corrupt faith?

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