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Title: African American History

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Essay Instructions: If possible, I have three essay questions that I would like to have answered (which are below). Each of question needs to be 3 pages in length.

1) What were the main "push" and "pull" factors (factors that impelled people to leave the South, and factors that drew them North) important behind the massive African American migration of 1914-1929? How did these various factor interact and which were most?

2) The "New Negro" movement, Marcus Garvey and the UNIA, and the Harlem Renaissance all emerged in the late teens and twenties, and all were largely headquartered in New York. What was the character of each of these, why did they appear simultaneously at this particular time, what were the relationships between them, and why was New York so important to all of them?

3) What was black power, why did it emerge in the freedom movement after 1965, and in what ways did it impact African American history?

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Essay Instructions: I need a three to four page double spaced typed paper with margins no more than 1.25 inches. The topic is to be an explanation of the origins of the people known as "African Americans" and must address the following:
1. Explain both the meaning and the significance of the statement"African Americans created themselves"...(In other words some scholars believe some historians beleive that they had no history or culture of their own.)

2. Name and briefly describe (3) of the ancient African civilizations...(I can use Ethiopia, Egypt, & Ghana).....then state why these civilizations are significant to our study of African Americans.

3. Explain the fundamental "essential" difference between slavery as it had been done in Africa for centuries and as it later developed in the Americas (particularly the U.S.) Why is this difference so important in our understanding of the experience of all African Americans, whether enslaved or free?

I must of course have introduction the body and a good conclusion tying everything together. I only need maybe two references and am currently using the text book "Creating Black Americans, African American History and its meanings, 1619 to the present for most of the reference. Author is: Nell Irvin Painter. I need to receive this paper in the next 4 days. Thanks very much!

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Title: african american history 1865 to the present

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Essay Instructions: ******Instructions: Answer 2 questions below. Please answer each question in its entirety using complete sentences, correct grammar, and clear language. Each answer should contain a thesis statement, supportive evidence (detailed references, examples, and quotes), developed analyses, and a conclusion. 2 pages per question please and please use quotation and cite them with the sources i provided. Please also be very clear and use specific details. My professor likes to go in detail rather than a broad topic. Im sending some reading we did in class, but if you like i can send them more. *******

1. While freedom struggles characterize much of African American history following 1865,
Blacks defined freedom in different ways depending on time period, location, gender, class,
contemporary events, and other factors. In this question, discuss how Blacks defined freedom
similarly and differently across time and space, considering the factors previously listed. Also
address how Blacks attempted to realize those various ideas of freedom in political, economic,
social, and cultural movements and practices.

2. The general consensus among historians is that the 1960s was indeed a pivotal decade in
American history, especially as activism during the time period challenged previous ideas of
exclusion and inclusion, citizenship, and the meaning and potential of democracy to address
social ills. In your response, describe and critique specific movements and organizations of the
1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. You must address the Civil Rights Movement, Black nationalism,
Black power movements, and Black feminist movements. How were their approaches to
contemporary problems facing Black Americans similar? How were they different? Discuss the
benefits and limitations of each of their visions and approaches.
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Title: african american history 1865 present

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Essay Instructions: Instructions
Read Chapters 21-24 that is going to be uploaded then Please choose 3 questions out of the 5 question below to answer (in 1 essay). all three questions answeres must be answered specifically according to the instruction and question
this class is african american history 1865 to the present. please make sure no plagiarizm. i will upload the resources that is needed to complete the essay. the uploaded information is from african-american odyssey book chapter 21-24. in addtion to the uploaded information, u can use outside sources as long as they are orginal and good sources if needed but all must be cited. please make sure to do the three question that was picked as 1 essay form

thank you

Question #1 What was the role of the various branches and levels of the government at this time? Make sure you discuss local, state and federal government? Who was the greatest help? Who was the greatest hindrance

Question #2 Explain the changes in focus, leadership, tactics and goals of the civil rights movement from 1950-1965. Were African Americans generally united working toward one goal? What were their differences?

Question #3 Discuss the origins of Malcolm X , and his ideas for the advancement of African Americans. How did those ideas change over time? What types of actions did Malcolm X participate in? Why was he criticized? How were his ideas changing shortly before his death?

Question #4 Discuss arguments both for and against reparations. How do people justify reparations? How do people criticize the policy? How does the argument take into account historical events?

Question#5 Why do you think many people assume African Americans are united on all issues? Has this ever been the case in American history? Explain. Discuss several differences and conflicts among African American over how to improve their situation. How did this split show up in the 1980s and 1990s?

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